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Driven Ticket

Allows comments to alter node properties through comments.
Supported driven properties:

Demo site:

See #885554: How to build the demo ticket system site

Depends on Driven API

Includes similar functionalities of following modules altogether (without being a merge of them):

Note: please, report any module which doesn't play nicely altogether this module to include a special support case for it if needed and feasible.
You may also request any feature included in similar modules listed above that might not be present already.

The reason for this module to be so compatible with node-related modules doing their tweaks is that it builds a node_form and passes it through its normal flow without taking care of what is doing each module, therefore maximizing compatibility.
The trade-off is that comment-related modules might require special support #746870: FAQ: what might be the problem with comment-related modules?.

There are many comment-related modules seamlessly compatible. The following are those reported through feedback and intended to be preserved in case any future issue arises:

Currently unsupported

How can you help

Besides the usual issue reporting, there are two main areas I would like to point out:

Roadmap: #711094: Roadmap, #718824: follow up foreign issues

Candidate modules to be supported as well:

Note: comment_driven is not a tracker suite, rather the missing piece for site builders to make their own tracker tailored to their likings.

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