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A widget to assist users entering hierarchical data using an autocomplete textfield on node add/edit forms.

Only the 6.x-2 branch can be associated with multiple select vocabularies. This branch can now be optionally used to bypass the core Drupal server / memory intensive handling of large vocabularies. It loads a single item rather than the entire vocabulary!

This new branch CAN NOT be used with Hierarchical Select or Big Autocomplete TAXonomy as only one such module is supported by Drupal.. Collaboration with other module maintainers was unfruitful. There are also issues with the Tagging and I18n modules. This limitation is slowly being removed from core Drupal 7. Play around with system weights could help.

Module sponsored by the Internet Bird Collection -

No more new development will be done on either the 5 or 6 branches and a 7 port is highly unlikely.

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