This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Subscribe other people on your team to posts and comments as you are writing. This module provides a nice user interface to create subscriptions on the fly for other site users.

Notifications Team screenshot

Note that by using this feature, users can create subscriptions for other users, so this is mainly intended for small teams on which trusted users can decide which other members of the team should receive notifications about a post or follow up comments.

Required modules: Notifications.

It can work with Organic Groups when enabled, restricting the selection to other members of the active group, or function independently, allowing the subscription of all other site members.

Developers: Jeff Miccolis, David Goode. Sponsored by Development Seed.

Release information

The best release to use at this point is probably the latest 2.1 beta. The latest dev version includes customization support through a view.

For the adventurous sort, however, version 3 includes further view customization through custom handlers and some cool additions. I'll try to get a stable release of this out soon. It requires the dev head version of notifications_views for notifications 2 though.

All versions work with both notifications 2 and 4.

Project information