Hierarchical Select


This module defines the "hierarchical_select" form element, which is a greatly enhanced way for letting the user select items in a hierarchy.

Hierarchical Select has the ability to save the entire lineage of a selection or only the "deepest" selection. You can configure it to force the user to make a selection as deep as possible in the tree, or allow the user to select an item anywhere in the tree. Levels can be labeled, you can configure limit the number of items that can be selected, configure a title for the dropbox, choose a site-wide animation delay, and so on. You can even create new items and levels through Hierarchical Select!

For a good overview of what Hierarchical Select can do, look at this demo!

Drupal 7 version

The Drupal 7 version integrates with:

  • Taxonomy (Drupal core)
  • Menu (Drupal core)
  • Entity Reference (rudimentary support)

Recommended modules

  • For people with more complicated menu structures, Hierarchical Select Menu works great together with the Menu link weight module.
  • For very large menus with thousands of items, Menuperformance can offer a performance boost

Please see TODO.txt to see what still needs to be ported from Drupal 6.

The Drupal 7 version does not yet integrate with: Forum (Drupal core), Views, etc. If you need support for something else than Taxonomy, please either contribute the required patches or sponsor them! Due to a bug in the Drupal.org packaging scripts (see #1244792: In .info files, "core=" values are overridden by packaging scripts), modules that are marked as not yet ported (and thus cannot be enabled), are not marked as such when you download the tarballs, so be ware!

Drupal 6 version

The Drupal 6 version is unsupported.

Related modules

Co-maintainers needed!

As Wim Leers is not involved with Hierarchical Select anymore, we are looking for co-maintainers with a solid track record of contribution on Drupal.org and/or to the Hierarchical Select module. Contact us if you can help!

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