Simple hierarchical select defines a new form widget for taxonomy fields to select a term by "browsing" through the vocabularies hierarchy.
The widget is available in node forms and as Views exposed filter.

This module has been inspired by Hierarchical select but is much simpler (hence the name ;) ).

Unlike Hierarchical select this module provides a simple widget for taxonomy terms only. As an addition Simple hierachical select works as Views exposed filter.


  • Taxonomy module is required to use Simple hierarchical select.
  • For better performance you may consider installing the High-performance JavaScript callback handler. It speeds up the load time of each request (for example after selecting a new value) incredibly.


Install as usual, see for further information.


  • Create a new field (type "Term reference") and select "Simple hierarchical select" as widget type.
  • Field settings
    • "Allow creating new terms"
      Terms may be created directly from within the dropdowns (user needs to have permission to create terms in the vocabulary).
    • "Allow creating new levels"
      If selected users with permission to create terms in the vocabulary will be able to create a new term as child of the currently selected term.
      Note: This option is available only if "Allow creating new terms" is checked.
    • "Force selection of deepest level"
      Force users to select terms from the deepest level.
    • "Output this field with Chosen"
      If you install the Chosen module you can decide here on a per field base when to render the dropdowns with Chosen.
Views (exposed filter)
  • add a new filter using the field set-up as "Simple hierarchical select" or
    use "Content: Has taxonomy terms (with depth; Simple hierarchical select)"
    as a new filter
  • use "Simple hierarchical select" as selection type
  • select "Expose this filter to visitors, to allow them to change it"
  • enjoy ;)


Thanks to Ivan Zugec there is now a wonderful documentation on how to install and use Simple hierarchical select:

With SHS 7.x-1.7 (and development versions later than 2016-03-01) displaying the number of nodes associated to a term is not part of the module anymore. An example for developers on how to add the functionality to your site has been moved to a sub-module.
If you need a working module for that, have a look at SHS Entity count.


Development on Simple hierarchical select is sponsored by undpaul.

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