This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Drupal's regular menu system administration doesn't scale very well. This is due to the fact that for all node edit pages, node type edit pages and vocabulary edit pages (when Taxonomy Menu is active), Drupal loads all menu items from all menus in the system. For large amount of menu items, this slows down the system to an unusably slow speed, or even causes timeouts.

This is a known problem in Drupal core. This comment is from the menu module:

  // The menu_links table can be practically any size and we need a way to
  // allow contrib modules to provide more scalable pattern choosers.
  // hook_form_alter is too late in itself because all the possible parents are
  // retrieved here, unless menu_override_parent_selector is set to TRUE.
  if (variable_get('menu_override_parent_selector', FALSE)) {
    return array();

Menuperformance takes advantage of this, and sets the variable when installed. It then proceeds to add its own AJAX based parent menu item selector widgets for the node edit, node type edit and vocabulary edit pages.




Note that the module doesn't set the variable "menu_override_parent_selector" on installation, nor does it unset it when the module is disabled. This is because the variable is not defined by Menuperformance, and as such might be set by another module. That said, having two active modules that both use the variable is almost guaranteed to cause trouble.


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