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aGov is a Drupal distribution developed specifically to meet Australian Government website guidelines with aGov 7.3 adhering to the new Digital Service Standard.

aGov is ideal for any federal, state or local government agency wanting to move their websites quickly and easily to Drupal whilst retaining full control of their codebase and choice of hosting provider.



  • WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliance, independently audited by Media Access Australia
  • Australian Government Web Guide Mandatory Requirements compliance
  • Digital Service Standard policy adherence
  • AGLS metadata (based on Metatag)
  • Editor Workflows (Workbench Moderation)
  • Responsive design (based on Zen 5 for aGov 2.0 and Zen 6 for aGov 3.0) - mobile, tablet and desktop support
  • Example content - to get you started quickly
  • Theme framework - to help you build up your own custom theme on top of aGov
  • Common content types: News, Events, Publications, Blogs
  • WYSIWYG editor with media library

Related Projects

aGov for Drupal 8

The Alpha release is now available for download below. Read Ben Dougherty's blog post on what's new in the release, and the work yet to come before it's production-ready.

aGov 7.x-2

aGov 7.x-2 was refined to meet the specific requirements of the govCMS platform in conjunction with the Department of Finance. This version of aGov was subsequently forked as the foundation of the govCMS distribution.

While govCMS contains modules specific to being hosted on Acquia Cloud Site Factory, aGov 2 is designed for government users who require a choice of hosting platform, full access to the code base, the flexibility to customise functionality and integration with third party systems.

aGov 7.x-3

aGov 3 is a full redesign of the user interface to comply with policies being developed by the Australian Government's Digital Transformation Office, and to provide a more modern approach to front end development.

This includes:

  • Redesigned and rebuilt base them based on Zen 6.
  • Auto-generated styleguides for a responsive preview each aGov design component
  • Replacing many of the hard-coded features with default configuration for more flexibility
  • Moving custom modules out into their own projects


As aGov is meant to be used as a starter kit for building a custom site, we don't support an automated upgrade path. We will do our best not to rename or move modules, themes and features between minor version updates. We don't recommend in-place upgrades between major version releases.

We will continue to provide security updates for older releases where possible.

Example aGov Websites

Some of the websites using aGov include:

Install an aGov demo

Simply download your preferred version of aGov and install it on your own server or spin up a demo on

Alternatively, aGov 7.3 can be installed on Amazon Web Services or VM Depot for Microsoft Azure within a matter of minutes for evaluation purposes or as the basis of a new website.


aGov is built and maintained by

aGov 2.0 is audited by Media Access Australia for WCAG 2.0AA compliance upon initial install.

Supporting organizations: 
Design, development & maintenance
Swedish localization

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