Last updated February 16, 2016. Created on February 2, 2013.
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This guide is about creating themes for Drupal 8.

Quite significant changes were introduced in the theme system between Drupal 8 and 7. This guide contains information that applies to Drupal 8 and refers sometimes to Drupal 7 in order to explain new concepts and approaches.

Outside other theming guides can be found, such as sqndr's excellent Drupal 8 theming guide.

PHPTemplate has been discontinued for theming in Drupal 8; the Twig markup language is used instead. This will make Drupal 8 themes much more secure because PHP calls will no longer exist in theme files. This will also make theming easier to understand for non-programmers, front end developers and programmers coming from other languages and frameworks.

For a collection of useful materials for themers, see Theming and Front End Development with Drupal.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.