Last updated 14 September 2012.

This is a clearing house page for issues, projects and modules related to the effort to update Drupal with support for modern responsive web design techniques.


Layouts (Official Core Initiative)

This initiative aims to bring unity to a system of disjointed output components (blocks, page callbacks, menus, theme settings, and more) and provide a standardized mechanism of output, new tools for placing content on a page, and a potential for performance gains amongst other benefits. (source)

Breakpoints, centralized breakpoint management.


#1077094: Make Bartik a responsive design - meta issue
#1170478: Responsive Images
#1276908: Administrative tables are too wide for smaller screens
#1510532: [META] Implement the new create content page design
#1621594: Media Query Detection
#1671844: Add support for picture tag
#1677196: Build out a static prototype of the layout editor
#1690216: UX Improvements
#1693036: Responsive layouts & responsive images: both need breakpoints
#1701112: Advanced responsive images UI/UX for breakpoints
#1701116: Responsive Images UI/UX: Image styles
#1734642: Move breakpoint module into core
#1775302: Do a UX review of Breakpoint module
#1775530: Move picture into core
#1775774: Allow themes to identify their breakpoints to Drupal
#1776236: Split breakpoints into API and UI module

Concepts, theory and announcements


Responsive Images and styles
Adaptive Image
Adaptive Image Styles
Client-side adaptive image
Grid Builder

Demos and proof-of-concepts

Responsive Layout Designer, part of the Spark project and Layout module.

Responsive-Ready Base themes

Adaptive Theme
Mother Ship

Related discussions

Discussion of what responsive design is.
Groups post about what responsive base theme folks are using.


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Awesome! thanks for the follow up. Nicely sorted & very decent collection of database.

You might also want to check out the Views Responsive Grid module. The standard grid display uses tables, which is easy to generate programatically but murder to reshuffle on the fly. This one is div-and-CSS based, which allows you to control more of the behavior using media queries.