Breakpoints management for responsive web design.

Breakpoints defined by a theme

A theme can define multipliers and breakpoints in the file like

breakpoints[mobile] = (min-width: 0px)
breakpoints[narrow] = (min-width: 560px)
breakpoints[wide] = (min-width: 851px)
breakpoints[tv] = only screen and (min-width: 3456px)

multipliers[mobile][] = 1.5x
multipliers[mobile][] = 2x

Once this module or the theme is enabled, the settings are read from the info file and stored into the database.

Custom breakpoints

A user can create custom breakpoints using full media queries to define them.

Breakpoint groups

Breakpoints can be grouped together, for each theme that defines breakpoints there's automatically a new group created.
A user can define extra groups.


If you want to support retina displays, you can enable multipliers so the modules now you want to use a breakpoint for both regular display and retina display.

Why groups? So other modules like Picture can act on the separate groups to handle the output.

Modules using breakpoints

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