Note: Previously named "Mobile Friendly Navigation Toolbar"
A very simple mobile friendly navigation toolbar introduced as part of the Spark project to solve mobile editing problems with the Drupal 7 shipped toolbar, that is not very friendly to small screen sizes.

The Navbar module displays a bar containing top-level administrative components across the top of the screen. Below that, the Navbar module has a drawer section where it displays links provided by other modules, such as the core Shortcut module. The drawer can be hidden/shown by clicking on its corresponding tab.

In addition to providing responsive access, the vertical orientation of Navbar provides deep-level access into administrative functions without refreshing the page.


Navbar requires the following:

  • Libraries module (version >= 2.0)
  • Backbone JavaScript library (version >= 1.0)
  • Underscore JavaScript library (version >= 1.5)
  • Modernizr custom build (version >= 2.6.2)

Please read the documentation for detailed installation instructions as Modernizr, in particular, requires additional attention.

Always always always check /admin/reports/status to see if you are missing any requirements for this module.


The toolbar uses the SVG icons designed by ry5n:

If you are creating a custom tab or menu item that needs an icon, either draw them from this library, request a new icon, or use an icon as a base for your needs. Do send a pull request to the libricons and give back if the icon your create fills a gap in the set.

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