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MD5: cf5f46482af76b38cb0e4792ae50b2b0
SHA-1: 9e407fbca28f60e5a1248394ebc012c339686e1b
SHA-256: 80f9f3ce78cb0264beb9406711c448eb101d24b1c711274eb17b2cebaee14294
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MD5: d268f9ba1ffc64107db2ac16848cc92d
SHA-1: 1dc278665eb9cafc93308be2a670057ddaac2b75
SHA-256: 5ed085c043f677d31269c3308b69bb08e69e23120bd632763b43d3bc12c0dcb7

Release info

Created by: TR
Created on: 25 Jul 2011 at 18:44 UTC
Last updated: 25 Jul 2011 at 18:46 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Some of the changes since 7.x-3.0-beta3 are listed here. A complete list may be found in the Git logs:

  • Render fixed-width textfields properly when they appear in vertical tabs.
  • 'Accessible downloads' fieldset on user/%/edit did not render properly because of coding error in theme_uc_file_hook_user_file_downloads().
  • Use block visibility constant BLOCK_VISIBILITY_NOTLISTED instead of 0.
  • #982064 by Mixologic: Package length should be longest side. Added comments and used constants like KG_TO_LB for weight conversions instead of numbers like 2.2.
  • #1226456: Add to cart form missing in Views.
  • #1178350: Undefined index: op in uc_order_edit_form_submit().
  • #1182520: Convert 'create order' page to Ajax.
  • Merge anonymous checkout settings into a single tab.
  • Convert cart, checkout and order pane admin to use drag and drop ordering.
  • #1050940: Merge cart and checkout pane settings into main settings.
  • Display ordered products instead of cart contents at order review.
  • #1137454: Incorrect initial quote in quotes pane.
  • #625580 by ecofinn, dbassendine: Fix Google Analytics for aliased completion pages.
  • Use drag and drop to rearrange shipping quote settings.
  • Followup to issue #1050940: Merge report settings into store settings.
  • Remove ability to disable order logging.
  • Followup to issue #1050940: Goodbye,
  • #1050940: Remove summary page and reorganise tabs in shipping quote settings.
  • #1226090: Remove erroneous 'Array' from PayPal Express submit order page.
  • uc_payment_gateways_form() has been replaced with uc_payment_method_settings_form().
  • Followup to issue #1050940: Move uc_credit settings form to include file.
  • Followup to issue #1050940: Update links to various settings pages.
  • #1050940: Convert payment settings page to use drag and drop, separate method settings pages, merge credit card gateway settings.
  • #782960 by longwave, Island Usurper: Translate country names.
  • #1166870: db_merge() does not accept FALSE values.
  • #1062852 by longwave, Island Usurper: Token help page does not work.
  • Abort label generation if required fields have not been filled in.
  • Add 'Paid' information to shipment review page.
  • #1178350: Fix PHP Notice when deleting blank line from manual order entry.
  • Documentation comments for Entity API functions. Move uc_order_delete() up to be with the other uc_order entity CRUD functions.
  • Don't overwrite settings possibly leftover from uc_google_checkout_uninstall().
  • #1080380: Reinstall uc_google_checkout without errors.
  • Lots and lots of PHP Notices, code formatting, and overhauling 'manual' shipping form to have all the improvements that have already been put into the FedEx and UPS shipping forms.
  • #789422 by anrikun: Use actual shipping type string rather than trying to reconstruct the string from the key.
  • Display actual shipping option chosen by customer, even if customer did not choose UPS.
  • #1107402 by TR: Fix PHP notices in Google Checkout.
  • #1221616 by TR: views_handler_filter_float dropped from Views, use views_handler_filter_numeric instead.
  • Change doc comments for hook_cron() to reflect default label lifetime of 'forever'.
  • #658202 by TR: Add option to keep label images around 'forever'.
  • Add admin menu options for controlling automatic deletion of generated shipping labels. Add hook_cron() implementation to automatically delete old shipping label images, with an admin-selectable lifetime for the images. Change shipping label names to use the pattern 'label-
  • Refactor uc_ups module to put all label generation code into its own include,, where it won't be loaded for every quote request, just when label generation is needed.
  • #1205662: Fix PHP Notices in uc_ups_fulfill_order(). Additionally, allow admin to specify package weight when printing labels, and clean up package form when printing labels.
  • Fix PHP Notice when a hook_uc_product_feature() doesn't define a 'settings' key.
  • #1216858: Fix PHP Notice in uc_payment_pack.
  • #1215172 by garrettrayj: Fix PHP notice in uc_paypal.module.
  • Modify shipping options theme functions for UPS and USPS to include number of packages being sent. This is what the FedEx and Canada Post modules have been doing for years.
  • Add many new tests for Cart Links.
  • Cart Links: Changed the "_m0" option on the "p" action to be "_s". "_m0" as an option is often confused with the action "-m", but these two things are distinct. "_s" is now the option which modifies the "p" action and means "silent", or "supress default product add-to-cart message for this product." "-m" displays a user-defined message keyed by when the link is clicked, independent of any "_s" settings.
  • #579670 by TR: Improve Cart Link help. Move help into hook_help()
  • #1203528: Fix output of printable packing slip pages.
  • #1203528: Don't use admin theme for packing slips.
  • Undefined index: small_package in uc_shipping_new_package_submit().
  • #1184460: Improve theming of printable invoices.
  • #1206914: Show "more product images" only if there is something inside.
  • Move CSS and JS includes from hook_init() to .info files.
  • #1146176: Ignore case when checking email addresses.
  • #970744 by MegaChriz, longwave: Add hook_uc_order_pane_alter().
  • Followup to issue #617560 by hanoii: Add option to allow anonymous checkouts to use an existing email address.
  • #1205662: Undefined index: file in uc_shipping_make_shipment().
  • Add configure links on admin/modules. Improve documentation of tests cases.
  • Add additional tokens for numeric prices. Existing tokens for price are formatted with currency symbol. New tokens are [product:list_price-value], [product:cost-value], and [product:sell_price-value].
  • #894754: 'Add to cart' is not translatable when available as a setting, so remove it; use locale or string overrides to change text strings.
  • #601980: Add 'administer own product features' permission.
  • #590918 by splash112, longwave: Attribute option price display should not be affected by quantity.
  • #1022392 by covenantd: Order comment not erased if customer removes it during checkout.
  • #1104142 by mjpa: Wrong date format for role expiration date.
  • #515010 by Lara D, fenstrat: Increase attribute weight range.
  • #1163126: Remove non-specific CSS selectors.
  • #689464 by flamingvan: uc_authorizenet should include phone field.
  • #1125470 by Agileware: Do not enforce width for product display price CSS.
  • #553972: Improve descriptions of credit card settings.
  • #580894: Roles action uc_roles_action_user_email() uses non-existent $order.
  • #632882: Time format is hard coded in order comments.
  • #1082908: 'Add a comment to the order' rules action does not work.
  • Fix catalog view edit link.
  • #1186988: Fix remove line item button on order edit page.
  • #1138358 by thatoneguy: Product report generates incorrect SQL in Postgres.
  • #1113644 by TR: Product titles longer than 128 are lost from order.
  • Remove unused ctools_dependent_process (see #1062972).
  • #1190004: Credit card information unavailable at review order stage.
  • #1198694: Undefined index: do_complete in uc_credit_cart_review_post_form_submit().
  • #1204330 by rfay: Weight doesn't render correctly in node view.
  • #1179294 by TR: Fix Pathauto bulk update for catalog vocabulary.
  • Followup to issue #1071332: Ignore Ajax supplied values when selecting a full address during checkout.
  • Followup to issue #1071332: Ajax-enabled address fields did not always work as expected.
  • #1186894 by bwynants, longwave: 'Add line item' button does not work in order edit.
  • #1187054 by bwynants, longwave: JavaScript error when editing order payment details.
  • Change [uc_order:number] token to [uc_order:order-number]. Change some doc comments.
  • Make module token code uniform throughout Ubercart, add token chaining for url type tokens. Simplify order token code.
  • Overhaul product tokens to look like [product: ... ] instead of [node: ... ]. Add some token chaining.
  • #885216: Remove admin breadcrumbs from product node form.
  • #1168280: Change hook_uc_line_item() to be keyed by state ID.
  • #1168280: Change hook_uc_order_state() to be keyed by state ID.
  • Followup to issue #1186382: Rules unable to access order:order-status values.
  • #1193170 by TR: user_load() called with wrong argument. Make user tokens available to stock threshold e-mail.
  • #1187632 by longwave: Submitting review page bumps user back to checkout page.
  • #596748 by Island Usurper: Payment pack has hard-coded US date format.
  • #1187902: Undefined index in uc_order_condition_count_products().
  • #1186914: Selecting an address when editing an order does not work.
  • Followup to issue #1182770: Error when editing rules that use filter formats.
  • Fix undefined index warnings on checkout review.
  • #1168280: Change hook_uc_payment_gateway() to be keyed by gateway ID.
  • #1168280: Change hook_uc_payment_method() to be keyed by method ID.
  • Remove unused variables and functions.
  • #1050940: Remove now-empty basic payment settings page and unused variables.
  • #1050940: Fix default 'Continue with checkout to complete payment' message.
  • #1050940: Remove ability to disable payment logging.
  • #1050940: Remove separate payment deletion checkbox in favour of permissions.
  • #1050940: Remove ability to disable payment tracking.
  • #1012594: Many catalog settings obsoleted since moving to Views.
  • #1050940: Merge attribute display setting into product settings page.
  • #1050940: Convert product settings pages to vertical tabs.
  • #443926: Move product field ordering to standard field display management.
  • #1186382: Rules unable to access order:order-status values.
  • #1192184: Date format settings ignored in uc_payment_pack and other calls to uc_date_format().
  • #1186520 by wodenx: Fix typo in loop variable name.
  • #1182810: Fatal error in when printing packing slip.
  • #1182770: Error when editing order update notification rule.
  • #1142952 by John Money: object modified before user_save() prevents detecting role changes.
  • #1178746: Fatal error when accessing ordered products in Rules.
  • Followup to issue #1071332: Use form_set_error instead of drupal_set_message in shipping quote checkout pane.
  • #1111524: uc_cart has incorrect schema version in beta2 and earlier, causing update.php to fail.
  • Followup to issue #1030516: Product displays incorrect weight for product kits.
  • #877500 by dougp, longwave: Tracking numbers do not display when more than one carrier is used for shipping.
  • #1173888: CVV popup throws JavaScript error.
  • #1104640: Error messages are displayed one page too late when submitting the 'Add to cart' form.
  • #1032188: Fix PayPal WPS and improve API for off-site redirect payment methods.
  • #1168280: Change hook_uc_order_pane() to be keyed by pane ID.
  • #1168280: Change hook_uc_checkout_pane() to be keyed by pane ID.
  • #1168280: Change hook_uc_cart_pane() to be keyed by pane ID.
  • Remove 'please wait' message when changing payment method.
  • #1108392: Errors at checkout when Cash on Delivery is enabled.
  • Add CSS classes for payment methods. Remove inline CSS from uc_payment.
  • #1156594 by arpieb: uc_credit_terminal_title() is not always included when needed.
  • #1173416 by wodenx: Fix "order has product" rules condition.
  • Work to bring documentation comments up to standards.
  • #1171020 by TR: Wrong key for Entity API callback.


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