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MD5: 7fa7e8418518b3bcb7d039d4d1aef4cf
SHA-1: b084dbd23f27c3df6d2eff4eb36ca0252e14949a
SHA-256: 9c6f1ad57f91c1b32e740ab3fa6570cfdb5b1547346bec7858491eb8a0b1756f
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MD5: aab994fcb9ea4fd7bfb24d804c24beeb
SHA-1: 5f5531dc5710822c55cda0f19abc801e9a2c6c52
SHA-256: 6986222e3cfa160f16b9cca57211e5185ed9f86ca6b74d1c971b2d84c1b4a4ae

Release info

Created by: TR
Created on: 16 Jul 2016 at 04:54 UTC
Last updated: 16 Jul 2016 at 02:43 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-3.9:

  • Issue #2763555 by felribeiro: Fix content module missing warning in Drupal 7.50
  • Issue #2746103 by TR: D7.50 change breaks test
  • Issue #2709509 by SaintNexcis: Attributes Label text input limited to 128 char
  • Issue #2698525 by jacob.embree: Fatal error in form callback when payment method not valid
  • Issue #2589043 by chrisrockwell: Expiring roles are not deleted if removed using Drupal
  • Issue #2589043 by TR: Add test to ensure expiring roles are deleted if removed using Drupal
  • Issue #2649744 by TR: uc_order_order_entity_access is wrong is account is NULL
  • Issue #419700 by TR, dzepol, aniebel, scotself: How to include role expiration date into a view?
  • Issue #2171167 by dgtlmoon, longwave, hanoii: Prevent multiple clicks of submit order with jQuery 1.6+
  • Issue #2551289 by joelstein, stefan.r: Add support for image fields using the Media browser widget
  • Issue #2041977 by rfay: Warnings and Notices when using Add to Cart form in a View
  • Order logs in the log tab should be sorted so the most recent is at the top.
  • Fix css syntax: padding-left/padding-right should be inherit, auto is an invalid option.
  • Add first tests for uc_file file downloads.
  • Move uc_file_refresh() call so that uploads made by methods like FTP will be recognized.
  • Set 'error' or 'warning' on drupal_set_message() output in uc_file when needed.
  • Test needs changing for previous commit.
  • Make error message more specific.
  • Update PayPal link for obtaining API credentials.
  • Issue #2186849: Cart Links message list cannot have blank line in middle of list by TR: Add validation of cart links messages and allow blank lines.
  • Backport of some changes being made in #2643682: Port uc_2checkout to D8.
  • Delete variables properly in hook_uninstall().
  • Issue #2128957 by neochief: 2Checkout payment improvements
  • Issue #2162483 by herom, hejazee: RTL support
  • Issue #2328513 by stefan.r: Notice: Undefined index: none in uc_product_get_image_widget() (line 1428 of uc_product.module)
  • Issue #2629392 by TR, longwave: Update india_356_2.cif
  • Issue #1931076 by hanoii, TR, tinker: Data comparison in Rules - order subtotal


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