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Web Architect & Developer
HCL Technologies Limited

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I do respond to support requests only if posted in the appropriate Issue Queue on Drupal or Backdrop.

Besides my D7 and 8 full projects, all of my sandbox projects (D7 only) are fully functional and tested. Feel free to use them. Once some interest is shown (starred 5 times) I convert them to a full project.


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Below are my community Drupal 7 and 8 contributed modules. I am (currently NOT) available as a one-man registered company for well defined contract work on location or remote. Contact me.

Style (CSS) Settings (D6, D7, Backdrop)

Configure CSS values from the UI for any module, theme or custom CSS just by suffixing CSS values with a code comment. The same CSS is functional also without the module being installed (soft-dependency). Form API elements are provided to have a color picker or a slider (e.g. for opacity).
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An HTML5 sliderAutoFloat demo image

AutoFloat (D6, D7, D8, Backdrop)

A text format filter that floats images automatically, alternating them left and right.
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Flickr (D5, D6, D7, Backdrop)

Embed Flickr photos, sets and slideshows in blocks, the node body or as fields.
A rewrite was done recently. Check out the new features and better performance.
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Rewritten the D7 version that resulted in a new branch (7.x-3.x) that fundamentally changed the stored data structure, offers a bunch of new features and fixed numerous bugs.

UpTime widget (D6, D7, D8)

A block showing the uptime ratio (e.g. 99,98%).
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PageRank widget (D6, D7, D8)

A block showing the Google PageRank of the site (e.g. PageRank 3).
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Permalink Block (D6, D7)

A popup with a URL or HTML code snippet that links to the current page, providing an easy way for visitors to embed deep links to your pages on their website.
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Multi-currency pricelist (D7)

A View that creates a multi-currency pricelist of items. It updates the prices automatically to the latest exchange rates on Yahoo!Finance.
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Credited on 52 issues fixed in the past 1 year


Drupal Association Individual Member

lolandese helps support and grow the Drupal community with the Drupal Association.

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