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This project can be taken over under the Open Ownership Pledge. Solve the child issue of #2265329: D8 (D7 to D8 conversion).

The Flickr module embeds media hosted on Flickr.com in many possible ways on your site.

  • In a node, block or field.
  • As single photos, albums or slideshows.
  • Supports both Colorbox and Lightbox.
  • Album titles and photo captions contain the information available on Flickr, optionally also including author, location and date details.
  • Grab Flickr media also dynamically from the node author's Flickr account and/or based on node taxonomy terms, a date field or a geofield/location. Also searching all public available Flickr photos.

Keep It Simple & Straightforward

Why install and configure a bunch of modules for image management and geo tagging? The Flickr module makes life easier, both for you (site builder) and your client (site editor). Use Flickr.com to upload / organize photos and this module to embed them on your site. Flickr is already the trusted source for millions of embedded photos on the web.


  • Use less resources on your server.
  • Enhance site performance, loading content contemporarily from your server and Flickr's.
  • Avoid copyright issues. There is no copy. Embedded images are not on your server.
  • Many images are available under CC License. Fill a site quick with high quality photos.

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Main Features

  • Embedded Flickr photos (and videos) can be displayed as
    • a single image
    • an album of thumbnails
    • a slideshow


    All with configurable captions and in many sizes.

  • Open embedded Flickr photos in Colorbox (recommended), Lightbox or alike with a configurable image size.
  • Embedded Flickr photos will never be wider than the region they are in (responsive by default).
  • Applying the 'enlarge' or 'zoom' style makes images look good on Hi-Res displays (retina) while using the higher resolution images also on normal screens by enlarging them on mouseover (hover). Clicking will still open an image in Colorbox/Lightbox.
  • An automatic configurable caption under the embedded images with the Flickr title, date taken (time ago), where (location, reverse geocoding from exif data) and by who (Real Name or Flickr username). Clicking the location opens a map in a new tab that shows all user's pictures on that specific location.
  • Shows the longer Flickr description on hover if it exists.
  • Show user/group photo streams or photosets (Flickr albums) as a responsive slideshow that allows visitors also to toggle to full-screen mode.
  • Filter on Flickr tags. These can be taken dynamically from a node's taxonomy terms, making a block with Flickr photos context sensitive. It changes depending on the page the block is shown on. In combination with the node author this allows users to have their relevant photos being displayed alongside a post automatically. Also a date and/or geofield can be used as context.
  • Grab public CC licensed Flickr photos by tags simply omitting to specify a user ID or setting it to 'public'. Also dynamically based on node terms, a date and/or geofield. Optionally change the license restrictions in the settings.
  • Filter on media type, for example to exclude videos.

Installation / upgrading / configuration

See https://www.drupal.org/node/2298239.

Before enabling or upgrading the sub-module Flickr Block read https://www.drupal.org/node/2171249#install.


Read at least the Flickr Editor Guide 7.x-1.7. It is written from a content editor's perspective, but also sitebuilders should start here (after installation and configuration).


See https://www.drupal.org/node/2289785.

Suggested helper modules

  • Check out AutoFloat if you embed photos in the node body (also non-Flickr images).
  • Style (CSS) Settings extends the Flickr settings with many configurable styling options like:
    • the photo caption font size
    • the slideshow width, fluid (%) or fixed (px)
    • the slideshow width/height ratio
    • customized rounded corners, shadow, border and scale properties.
  • Field HTML trim makes that teasers have the same textual length regardless of the Flickr image they might contain. If not, add a teaser break manually: <!--break-->.
  • Use Block Inject to put a Flickr Block inside your node body, for example after the first paragraph. Alternatively do it arbitrary with Insert Block.
  • If you use a taxonomy vocabulary to have context sensitive Flickr blocks that show photos based on it and multiple users that can create terms on it, Private Taxonomy Terms would be a good addition. It avoids the terms added by others showing up (as suggestions) in the vocabulary used to filter on Flickr tags.
  • Cache warming and Boost to enhance site performance in general.
  • To override the help text or other strings, you can use the module String Overrides. It provides an easy way to replace any text on your site that is wrapped in the t() function (all user facing text of the Flickr module).
  • If you want to avoid the pager on user profiles to reload the whole page, use Ajaxify Drupal with JQuery Ajax. In the settings the 'jQuery selector to trigger ajax' to add should be .pager-item a.
  • Colorbox Swipe Gestures Support for touch screens.

Other or better suggestions? Please let us know.

Help wanted

More than 75 people were actively involved in the development. It is thanks to their feedback the module is practically bug free and stuffed with useful features.


Maintenance status per version

  • The current maintainer only looks into critical bugs for the Drupal 6 version, but does reviews and commits of supplied patches. See #2367755: D6 maintenance.
  • D7 is actively maintained.
  • The module will be ported to D8 at some point. See #2265329: D8.

Cross browser tested

Rendering of the images and captions generated by this module has been tried on many different browsers thanks to BrowserStack.

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