Status message

This organization is a Drupal services provider.

UEBERBIT offers tailormade solutions for marketing automation, the digital workplace and for business solutions
We support our clients in dealing with the digital transformation challenges of today's world, using the tools of modern web technology.

Founded in 1996 and owner-managed to this day, we work for both nationally-oriented as well as international clientele throughout Germany. As an adjunct to our headquarter in Mannheim, an office is also operating in Berlin. Find more information at our website.

Drupal contributions

Contributions to core

We contributed code to Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 core.

Module maintenance

We co-maintain the following modules:

We contribute to the following modules through patches, documentation, etc.:

Textmate, Internationalization, Notifications, Spaces, Etherpad Lite, Spaces sandbox, Countries, Internationalization Views, Notifications sandbox, Countries sandbox, Team Notifications, Drush Zsh, Cumulus, Translation Management Tool, Fallback language negotiation, notifications_team, Views, Messaging sandbox, Notifications Rules sandbox, Twitter VBO, Messaging, PURL sandbox, file entity access, Searchlight, WYSIWYG image upload - Inline images for your WYSIWYG, Drush cache clear raw, i18n_user, View unpublished content, Special menu items, block_admin, Job Scheduler, Panopoly Core, Feeds_CSV, Offline access, i18n_field_group, Context, wysiwyg

Drupal-Events and Code-Sprints

We've attended the following Drupal events:

  • Köln, Camp (2009)
  • München Dev Days, Camp (2010)
  • Berlin, DrupalCity Camp (2011)
  • Essen Camp (2011)
  • Brüssel Dev Days, Camp (2012)
  • Paris, Con (2009)
  • München, Con + Sprint (D8MI, D8) (2012)
  • Barcelona, Dev Days + Sprint (D8MI, D8) (2012)
  • Gent - D8 Field API, Sprint (2012)
  • Berlin, Sprint, D7 i18n (2012)
  • Frankfurt, Sprint, D7 Contrib Sprint (2011)
  • Amsterdam, Camp (Frontend United) (2012)
  • Dublin, DrupalCamp (2013)
  • DrupalCon Prague + Extended Sprints (2013)
  • Drupal Camp Vienna + Sprints (2013)
  • Mannheim, Global Sprint Weekend (2014)
  • DrupalCon Amsterdam + Extended Sprints (2014)
  • DrupalCon Barcelona + Extended Sprints (2015)

Talks we've held and are going to hold at the following Drupal events:

Projects supported

Composer deploy, Composify, i18n_field_group, Name Field, Countries

Credited on 16 issues fixed in the past 3 months