The Swift Mailer module extends the basic e-mail sending functionality provided by Drupal by delegating all e-mail handling to the Swift Mailer library. This enables your site to take advantage of the many features which the Swift Mailer library provides, such as :

  • Sending e-mails directly through a SMTP server of your choice, a locally installed MTA agent such as sendmail or the mail functionality provided by PHP.
  • Sending HTML (MIME) e-mails.
  • Adding file attachments to e-mails.
  • Adding inline images to e-mails.

The module also lets you theme e-mails so that they reflect the general look and feel of your site and at the same time appear correctly in various e-mail clients. Images required by the theme can be attached to the e-mail and displayed inline.

The module is also capable of automatically creating a plain text version based on the HTML version of an e-mail.

The Swift Mailer module depends on the mailsystem module. This module is responsible for actually making the Swift Mailer module available to Drupal. Furthermore, you are also required to download the Swift Mailer library to get up and running with this module.

Project Information