This is a collection of modules to extend Drupal core multilingual capabilities and be able to build real life multilingual sites. Some features:

  • Taxonomy translation (both, per language terms and translatable terms)
  • Multilingual variables
  • Multilingual blocks (control visibility per language and translate title and content)
  • Language selection (when you switch the site language you'll see only the content for that language)
  • Requires Variable module 2.x (Drupal 7)

Read a complete feature overview in the Internationalization handbook: Building multilingual sites .

Drupal 7 upgrade

Do read Upgrade from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7
Read more about new features on Internationalization for Drupal 7 and What's new in i18n.

Recommended add-ons

Full list of contributed modules for Drupal 7.x that extend i18n features .

The module development and documentation for Drupal 6 has been sponsored by Development Seed

Support and customizations

The module author provides paid development and consulting services. Contact Jose Reyero.

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Supporting organizations: 
Some financial support (Gittip)

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