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You can see how the module works - just look into this video-podcast. User-Reviews can be found here (Use this for quicksetup using drush)

Features yet implemented

  • User Interface: Easy and fast user interface for image uploading
  • Supports a lot of editors: CKeditor, TinyMCE, FCKeditor.. (Every editor supported by the WYSIWYG Module)
  • Image Browser: You can browser and add images you already uploaded before. Build on views, so create your own filters, searches or styles!
  • Details: You can set image details like Title, Text-Floating, and Styles(Border, Spacing) and Preset (ImageCache)
  • Supported languages yet: English, German, Russian, Chinese, French
  • Sizes: Use custom image sizes using drag&drop
  • Imagecache: Supporting ImageCache. You can choose presets in the dialog
  • WYSIWYG cross edtitor compatible: Based on the WYSIWYG Module and API
  • Drupal FAPI: Completely based on the Drupal FAPI
  • Dialog is based on the jquery ui dialog. The Dialog theme is a jquery-ui theme, which can be replaced

New Features in 6.2.x

  • CCK Textarea: You can plase image CCK textarea field which run the WYSIWYG or any field having the normal filters applied to them. Great for teasers..
  • Views support: Use the views integration to utilize the images in views. The image-browser is implemented using views.
  • Easier to install. Requirement checks and status reports helping you installing the module correctly.
  • Rewritten the backend and the form workflow. Much better now.
  • New UI for even easier use
  • Images are rendered using a filter. You can theme them anytime.
  • New API for easy-implementing submodules for extending the meta-data you can enter for an image, like description, author, licence or whatever you want.(Like the lightbox submodule)
  • Lightbox integration as a submodule for full-size image privews onclick
  • Fancybox integration as a submodule for full-size image privews onclick
  • Shadowbox integration as a submodule for full-size image privews onclick
  • Captions are now rendered below the image. You can theme them the way you like (or dont show them).
  • Administration: Set the path to upload the images to (Global/User)
  • Administration: Define the maximun filesize possible to upload by the user
  • Migrate: You can easily migrate from 6.1.x to 6.2.x using the migration submodule

Please read 6.2.x for further details.

Quick try / test?

Just use the make file to install all dependencies needed: this for quicksetup This setup should not take you longer then 2 minutes.

Installation/ Configuration / Dependencies / Incompatibilities

For a quicksetup using drush use this howto ( 4 commands )



Usability [done]

This plugins aims to be useable by every user, also beginners. It should provide a clean and fast interface to upload images and place them inline into your content.

Cross-Editor compatibilty [done]

Using the WYSIWYG-Api one major goal is to support every editor supported there. So at least yet all main editors like TinyMCE, FCKeditor, YUI and so forth are support. So one Module for image uploading for all editors.

Extensibility [done]

As the module and the dialog is build using the drupal form API, you can use it to customize the dialog-pages. In addition you can provide your own dialog theme and change the look of the dialog.

Contributions / Issues

Contributions are highly respected, also feedback on issues or patches.

Feature requests

Please don't hassle with feature request, but please think about them properly, before you file in a issue-ticket. Please provide a basic outline of what the goal or the benefit of this feature would be. Outline the group of user you think is interested in.

Implement them! :)


Finally WUI movied to So you can use`s git architecture and whatever.

This plugin was sponsored by KontextWork GbR for the enterprise Wiki based on Drupal called Drupal Wiki

If you like the module, please write a comment here to motivate people working on it!

Project information

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