Countries Table Field with Country Icon integration

This module provides many country related tasks.

  1. A fieldable countries database with an administrative interface.
  2. A way to alter Drupals core country list.
  3. A country FAPI element.
  4. A countries field.
  5. Integration with Country Icons.
  6. Token support.
  7. Up to date countries database including Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba BES, Curaçao CUW, South Sudan SSD, Sint Maarten (Dutch part) SXM which are not covered by Drupal core.

No official Drupal 6 version will be released. You can use Countries API and CCK Country if you want a CCK country widget.

If you really want an unsupported Drupal 6 version, try this.

Views Integration
The 2.x branch supports View operations. The views filter is supported via 'select list' in the following way:

  1. Create a Relationship (under 'Advanced') to 'Field: Country (field-country)' ('Country' being the field label, 'field_country' the field name).

    The field is shown twice in the list
    - Field: Country
    - Field: Country (field-country)
    The first one is not working. This broken relationship has been removed in the latest dev version.
  2. Add a Field/Filter/Sort of type 'Countries: xyz' with the new relationship.

Please open a new issue if you find bugs or require additional functionality.

Related modules

Disabling countries

If you disable any countries using this module, the country should be removed from country lists. While this is a quick way to remove the country reference, it means that the disabled country should never show up on any lists!


Drupal 7.x-1.x:

Drupal 7.x-2.x:

  • Entity API - Version 1.0 rc 1 or later!

    This creates or provides better integration with a number of modules including Rules, Features, I18n, Token.
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