This is the magical core of the Panopoly framework. It helps to package the entire distribution and provides some generally useful features that other parts of Panopoly can leverage.

Key Features

  • Packages a customized design for the Panels IPE experience
  • Includes @font-face support for Open Sans font
  • Defines a custom day and time format
  • Provides a global "Categories" taxonomy with Panelizer support
  • Custom styling for the CTools dropbutton and jQuery UI modals
  • Provides defaults about the Panopoly App Server for use by Apps.module
  • Special handling of site breadcrumb to append current page title
  • Installation profile specific code for cleaner profiles based on Panopoly

This module is part of the Panopoly Distribution which requires several modules and libraries. See the Panopoly project page for more information and file all issues in the main issue queue.

Project information