Wistia Preroll Formatter

Wistia Field formatter with side-wide pre-roll settings

Field tokens

The Field tokens module add two additional types of field tokens; Formatted fields and field properties.


Formatted field tokens

Formatted Field tokens are tokens allowing one or many field values to be rendered via the default or specified field formatter.

The format is:

(e.g. [node:field_image-formatted:0,1:image:image_style-thumbnail]).


Field property tokens

Field property tokens are tokens allowing access to field properties on one or many fields.

Properties are dependent on the field type.

The format is:

(e.g. [node:field_image-formatted:0:uri]).



Avatar Kit

D8 incarnation of Gravatar/UserPicKit


Text to Image

configuration page

Allows to use ImageMagick as image creator and create image from text in Drupal 7 core.

use theme('texttoimage', array('text' => 'Text to Image', 'size' => 20, 'color' => '0074bd', 'title' => 'title', 'alt' => 'alt')); function any where on your site and get image for your text.

Imagefield Extract

Adds an option to filefields and filefield widget settings to automatically extract the first managed file from the rendered content with an extension allowed in the field settings. Only extracts one file currently, could be changed with a loop.

The widget settings option enables presenting a checkbox to the editor per field instance - 'Automatically extract this field from the rendered content'. If the checkbox is ticked when an entity with that field instance is edited, the file is extracted and set on hook_entity_presave.

Block Background

demo image

Block Background Module adds the background image to the blocks. User can upload the background image for each block in block configuration page.


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