Image Lazyload

This module adds a field formatter for Image fields and text format that allows images to be lazy loaded. Lazy loading image can dramatically decrease the initial page load time.


Provides integration with the Uppod player for video playback.

Documentum Stream Wrapper


This module attempts to provide content editors with the ability to include links to documents stored in a Documentum repository. For example editors can add a file using the file/add menu and then embed a link to this file in content. Or, if using media and wysiwyg then a media browser of the repository is provided.

Picasa API

This sandbox aims to become a fully usable Picasa API. As of now it provides a Google API Connector and Picasa Streamwrappers. The main part (Picasa API Album and Photo entities) is still in the works and is planned next.

Responsive Image Automatic

This module is a replacement for the Drupal 8 core module, 'Responsive Image'.

While the core module is very flexible, it requires a lot of configuration for each image style to be setup and used effectively. This module makes a lot of assumptions and is opinionated about creating variants of a single image for used in responsive design.



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