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Kandy is a full-service cloud platform that enables real-time communications for business applications.


The module allows to create a light social buttons integration, without the embedded iframe or external javascript code and show the counters from the following service:

  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest

The module use the javascript API from the services to get the number of share. For the Google Plus service is used an internal call with POST parameter.

Cloudinary Integration


The module provides a library & stream wrapper for developers working with Cloudinary service.


This module include several sub-modules, some modules can be used alone for other modules.


Provides image transformations of Cloudinary, implements hook_image_effect_info().

Provides image style feature with Cloudinary image transformations.

Media JW Platform

Creates a JW Platform PHP Stream Wrapper for Resource and implements the various
formatter and file listing hooks in the Media module.

This is for videos hosted on the JW Platform. To play videos from other sources using JW Player see https://www.drupal.org/project/jw_player .

Flickr Album Field

Allows to select an flickr album. There are two field formatter: one for linking to the album and one for displaying all photos.


Module that will check file_managed vs file_usage, find the entries not in file_usage and then see if they are in one of the fields.

Code should show up in the next week or so.


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