Scald Colorbox

Scald Colorbox is a simple image player for the Scald module.
It provides a lightbox (using the Colorbox module) for scald atom fields.

Heavily based on:

Captiontor Caption

Captiontor Caption

It's been very simple add on module for Mediafront module with functionality for .srt subtitle support for video files.
issue related to :

Image Opacity Overlay

This module allows you to add to any image field a semi-transparent overlay (or background) with a configurable color.

This can be activated / configured per field instance.

Usage instructions:
- Install the module
- Go to the field settings and check "Enable Opacity Overlay / Background"
- After uploading the image when creating content, you will now see 3 new properties:
* Filter type (Overlay or Background)
* Filter color (an hex value such as #DFDFDF)
* Filter opacity (a number between 0 and 1)

Color thief effect

Uses the color thief PHP lib to calculate the dominant color of an image and stores it as a hex code in file_metadata table.

To use it, simply add the "Color thief" effect to your image style.

Cameratag field

This modules provides integration with the cameratag service. It provides a field fomatter that can be used to record videos from the users computer and display the videos using the cameratag service.

About cameratag

Cameratag allows users to :



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