This is a sandbox project for the Drupal 8 port of the imgix module. Do not open any issues on this project but comment directly on the issue in imgix at #2805419 Port Imgix to Drupal 8

Swipeable Magnific Popup


Make Jay Dansand's Magnific Popup module
swipeable using Matt Bryson's TouchSwipe jQuery plugin.


This module requires Libraries and obviously Magnific Popup itself.

Image Twig Extension

This little module helps you when you need to display an image using Twig.

Basically I implemented the code hint from here Twig image style filter/function

Readme and HOWTO use it coming soon.

Video Embed

This module provides an additional handler for Video Embed Field by allowing videos to be integrated.

On Screen Facebook LikePage

On Screen Facebook LikePage

OnScreenFacebook isFacebook likebox pouup widget for drupal. This allows your blog to displays FaceBook Likebox Popup Widget on screen with close button on entry to your Website/Page. This is configurable widget with option to set number of days,to display widget for user after every n number of days.This widget uses Lightbox jquery script for popup.


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