With this module, and Ziggeo video service you can add to your site opportunity of recording video. You can spice up your blog with video posts or invite people to leave video comments.
This module provides custom field type for recording and playback Ziggeo video. You can add Ziggeo field to any entity (e.g. node or user).


Key Configuration

Drizzle (https://getdrizzle.com) is a free, full-stack solution for premium content creators to start selling their best content directly to website visitors. Once installed, you can sell paywalled content, set memberships and engage website visitors to increase number of paying users.

Learn more by watching 2 min video:

Automated Crop

Provides an API for automatic cropping tools integration.

ColoFilter CSS

Integrates the ColoFilter CSS library for image effects in Drupal using CSS blend modes.

Using this module you can add any one of the 30 effects on any image field in Drupal. Among other uses, it works great for profile images adding a cool color filter to any image. No coding necessary!


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