Media Privacy

The Media Privacy module prevents media providers like YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud from placing a cookie as soon as a page containing embedded media is loaded, even if the user did not watch the video.

In order to play the media the user has to confirm, that she wants to start streaming the video or sound. Upon confirmation the media object gets rendered and the cookie by the provider is stored in the browser.

The module extends the functionality of media and its complemantary modules as media_youtube, media_vimeo and media_soundcloud.


Imagepin with Slick slideshow

A module for pinning widgets on images

Quick start

  • Install this module.
  • Go to the "Manage display" section of your content type and choose the view mode where you'd like the pins to be displayed.
  • This module gives you the option for enabling users to pin widgets for the Image and Responsive image formatter. Enable it as you like.
  • Choose a proper image style for dragging the pins around and optionally set a breakpoint for mobile and desktop resolutions.


This module was created to fill a void for D7 sites we worked on that had no framework or base theme with responsive image handling. While it may be mildly obsolete in these modern times, it’s still super useful in a pinch.

This modules utilizes the imagefit.js jQuery plugin created by Periplox. Simply put, it is a simple, lightweight plugin to make images fit anywhere and anyway.


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