La financiera intenta reducir todos los gastos posibles

A la hora de la verdad siendo este el momento cuando se va a firmar un préstamo la financiera siempre lo que intentara será reducir los gastos existentes en la firma de los préstamos rápidos.

¿Porque las financieras reducen gastos en los préstamos rápidos?

En algunas tramitaciones esto será posible en otras por el contrario no lo será.

Node View Mode Block

For Nodes only.
An easy way to create blocks based on a node view mode.
Allowed one block per view mode per node type.
Block must be placed on the node page for it to be rendered.
This module was created to help content editors to manage their content on a page from one location.

There are 3 regions that will host content on the node detail page:

Eloqua Dynamic Content

Provides an input filter to embed Eloqua Dynamic Content into landing pages on your Drupal site without adding or editing any JavaScript.


Eloqua Asynchronous Visitor Tracking


Integration module for Eloqua Asynchronous Visitor Tracking. The module add the Eloqua tracking scripts to all pages on the site. It also provide an helper function in PHP to push items in the _elqQ JavaScript object (eloqua_tracking_push()).

Configuration and usage

Basic Page View Tracking

$conf['eloqua_tracking_sites'] = array('site ID');


Eloqua HTTP APIs

Integration module for Eloqua's HTTP based APIs.


The module provide a high-level API for Eloqua's REST API, the EloquaRestApi class. Instances of the class are created and retrieved with the static EloquaRestApi::instances() method. An instance can then be used using a simple pattern where path is matched chaining properties and methods of the API object (eg. $api->assets->form('21') to get the resource at /assets/form/21).


APCu - Alternative PHP User Cache for ChainedFastBackend

This allows to use the apcu.so php extension with https://www.drupal.org/project/chained_fast module.

It also includes the Symfony apcu-polyfill, which makes it work for both apc and apcu module.

Compared to https://www.drupal.org/project/apc this backend is very stripped down to the bare basics and is pretty similar to the Drupal 8 APCuCacheBackend.php.



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