OpenID Connect GitHub

This integrates with the OpenID Connect module to allow sign in with GitHub.

While GitHub does not implement the actual OpenID Connect protocol, it does provide a similar flow for obtaining user data based on OAuth 2.0 tokens.



Feeds KML Parser

Provides a KML Parser for the Feeds module.

This module is Alpha quality and is not extensively tested. Use at your own risk. Patches/co-maintainers welcome.


HTML sucker

The HTML Sucker module allows site builder to create Drupal blocks fetching HTML from other websites.
This could be handy if you need static blocks with content generated externally.


This module requires the following modules:

How to use it

When this module is enabled, users can configure new blocks by going to:
Administration » Configuration » User interface » HTML Sucker Blocks

Minimalist GMap

Simple Google Field Formatter


Theme Drupal 8 Based Classy and Bootstrap 3.x

Test Module GS

This is a test


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