Reference value pair

The reference value pair combines an entity reference with a free text value field in one new field type.
Site builders often end up using field collection or entity reference modules when all they want to do is store a value and a reference.
This module bundles the two things, a reference to some entity and a value together in one field. It can reference any entity, the value field is a simple text field.

One typical use is storing a measurement with its unit where the units are stored in a taxonomy (e.g 50 liter, 20 cm, 80 %).


Commerce Payment Methods Field

A simple field that displays available payment options based on the current user's order. For use on checkout with the help of Commerce Checkout Field Group module that would allow the customer to select a payment gateway before the payment pane. An attempt is planned to set the default payment gateway on the user's order on save.

HTTP Field Update

HTTP Field Update (HFU) is an extremely lightweight module for updating entity fields via HTTP requests. This is not a RESTful implementation and is not intended to be one. Its aim is to provide a very simple and quick way to do bulk updates or have an external system make quick, simple updates to an entity.

What it does:

It's pretty simple, HFU provides the following endpoint:

/hfu/<entity type>/<entity id>

To update a field on that entity, use query parameters in the form of:



This is a complete rip-off fork of the work done by mklinx for his Zazzle project ( except that it feeds data off of a RedBubble account RSS feed instead of a Zazzle feed. It imports all products from your RedBubble store into a drupal database table and makes that data available via Views. From there you can display the products any way you wish.



HelpDesk allows non-technical people to provide highly technical bug reports and supply that information to developers via email or Open Atrium 1.x. Essentially, HelpDesk is a "glue" module, adding some unique features to a set of existing modules working together.


Node Updater

Update selected nodes

Re-save or update nodes programmatically.

How to use

admin > content
Update selected nodes

admin > content > node-updater
Update by content types

* Note! this module may take heavy performance depending on nodes you have.
* Batch processing will be coming soon. this will solve above problem.


By updating with this module may skip some field's special events, like javascript value prefills or required validation.
So, use with caution.


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