Comment Sort Weight

Sort comments and replies by their weight.

This module was inspired by Comment sort Created by Patrick Drotleff but the logic is completely different.

Instead of sorting all comments by creation date, it sorts the comments and their replies individually, by their creation date.

Screenshots and documentation will come soon.



AppXtender API

An API that allows the storage of AppXtender credentials in the database, and contains various utility functions for reading metadata and POSTing files.

Styleguide Presentation

Experiments with extending styleguide.module in a few ways.

* Re-vamp the theme presentation of the styleguide page itself - to better separate the design components visually
* Look at introducing some nice layout/UI conventions (nicer table of contents, view-source) as seen in other styleguide tools like patternlabs

Not intended for full project release, just some experiments that may become patches back into the styleguide project.


Commerce EDOST

Provides integration with


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