PHP Filter Usage Report

This simple module provides a report showing where (in which entities) the PHP code format (from the core PHP filter module) is used. It also shows which blocks are using the php_code format.

By default this searches the revision table for each text field, as well as the block_custom table's format field.

Simply install, then view the report at Admin » Reports » PHP filter usage.

There are permissions for this module so you can extend viewing rights to specific roles.


Image Opacity Overlay

This module allows you to add to any image field a semi-transparent overlay (or background) with a configurable color.

This can be activated / configured per field instance.

Usage instructions:
- Install the module
- Go to the field settings and check "Enable Opacity Overlay / Background"
- After uploading the image when creating content, you will now see 3 new properties:
* Filter type (Overlay or Background)
* Filter color (an hex value such as #DFDFDF)
* Filter opacity (a number between 0 and 1)

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  • Export views to files on server.
  • Load views from export files saved on server.

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