Commerce Price Tokens

Provides tokens for each applicable price component sub-total of a Commerce order.

eg. [commerce-order-total-base-price], [commerce-order-total-shipping], [commerce-order-total-tax-gst], [commerce-order-total-donation].


For active fields after selecting text and pressing alt+enter request for correction form will appear

Helps users to improve website text proper writing by sending correction request to administrator or content editor.
Works only for text/long text fields, for which functionality was enabled on field settings page

Force error

Deliberately force errors (to debug error handling).


This is a temporary sandbox used to share changes to rename and clean up the ad_example submodule of the ad module.

Migrate report

Migrate report is a tiny module that generates a reports based on the last migration run. Many times the migration and content managers are requesting a list of errors, warnings and notices raised during migration. Migrate is logging such information in the {migrate_message_*} tables but there's no aggregated view on all errors and inconsistencies.

One Page Zymphonies Theme

One Page Zymphonies Theme

One Page Zymphonies Theme is Parallax Mobile-first responsive theme. It is simple, attractive and responsive theme with lots of options like Bootstrap, Custom slider, Sass, Compass etc which helps the user to customize theme very easily. It has ability to add many blocks in home page regions which can navigate from top menu.

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