CommWeb Payment Configuration

Provides aCommWeb VPC Payment Integration interface (3-Party). It's a helper for drupal admins and site builders to add CommonWealth payment feature and payment page to their websites.

This module provides a payment method for the CommWeb Virtual Payment Client Integration and gateway provided by CommonWealth Bank, Australia.


Please see current README.txt.


JWT Link


Produces a JWT-compliant URL based on the logged in user to authenticate on a remote server that is set in the settings.


Requires BSD-3-Clause licensed JWT class available at:

Download and extract the PHP JWT package from into this module's root.

The only required file is JWT/Authentication/JWT.php


Node Bookings

Module that adds the ability to add bookings to a node linked to basic paypal payments.

Protected Installation (modules and themes)

Allows you to install only the modules and themes from When installed, this module provides two simple features:

  1. Removes the upload field
  2. Validates the source URL entered for download (must be from

Developed and maintained by FISQUA; Sponsored by Marinha do Brasil.




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