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Tic Tac Toe game

This module provides a Tic Tac Toe game as block and can be configured in Block's page.

Domain Commerce Discount

This module will make Commerce Discount domain aware.

So discounts can be domain specific. For now, you can only choose 1 domain (radio buttons)

External Body Linker

Extlinker is a module for adding a target="_blank" attribute to the external links in your body content. It requires no special filter and works directly on the content saved to the database.

How It Works

When an entity is saved, Extlinker checks all the URLs in the body against a list of internal domains you configure in the Extlinker settings. If the href value of a link is not in that list of internal domains, Extlinker adds a target attribute to open the link in a new window.

MyEmma for Webform

Integration with MyEmma in webforms for Drupal 8.

Requires install using composer, depends on this php emma library : composer require drupal/webform_myemma.

Once module is enabled, there are two steps:



This is a Drupal module enabling the users of Flowplayer to include embed videos to articles.

Provides a field type for displaying videos from Flowplayer


  • Composer
  • Guzzle


Commerce Anotherlane


This module enables the merchants/marketers to accept online credit card payments from their users.


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