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Grand zymphonies Theme

Zymphonies Responsive Theme

Grand zymphonies theme that will help you create a responsive website, It can support all modern browsers, mobile and tablets. This theme is completely free and contributed by Zymphonies team.

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Date fields


A simple Form API widget for entering date data using separate text fields for day, month and year. The format of the field uses the site's configured date format in exactly the same way as the default date widget does.

The field supports a #mindate and #maxdate attribute for server side validation. Support for clientside validation, including ensuring dates are valid (e.g. 2015-02-29 will not validate) will be added soon(ish).

Configuration example


Shooting Score

Shooting Score defines a special field type for storing shooting scores that consist of points and bullseyes (e.g. 98.4).

Shooting scores are stored in the database as separate 'points' and 'bullseyes' values which means they can be used individually for sorting views (e.g. sort scores by points, then bullseyes). Also, shooting score fields can be displayed as either the combined score (98.4), just the points (98) or just the bullseyes (4).


Cloverleaves Health Cloud

Cloverleaves Health Cloud

Color thief effect

Uses the color thief PHP lib to calculate the dominant color of an image and stores it as a hex code in file_metadata table.

To use it, simply add the "Color thief" effect to your image style.


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