Panels: Stack-tab


This module defines a Panels pane style which changes from stacked to tabbed as the screen width shrinks.

User stories:

As an themer, I want to be able to make panel panes that switch between stacked and tabbed view as the user's viewport changes, so that I can save vertical space when my site is viewed on a mobile device.


This module requires the following modules:

Drupal 7 version:

Config terms

The Config terms module adds a configuration entity version of Taxonomy.

These "config terms" contain a title, description, weight, parentage and are associated with a vocabulary, but unlike Taxonomy, they are configuration entities rather than content entities. This means that they can be managed by the configuration management system, but are not fieldable.

Hide Node Title

This module hides the title for standard content types and content types using
display suite.

Instructions for Use

Pre-requisite, if using nested fieldsets group using htmlelement

1) Add the field "field_hide_title" as a checkbox to your content type and place with the title.
2) on the content check the field_hide_title to hide the title

Rest menu

Add a REST endpoint of menu items. It exposes URL aliases.


Details Filter

Adds a filter that eats input like this and renders a details element:

[details]foo bar baz[/details]
[details open]foo bar baz[/details]
[details: Summary]foo bar baz[/details]
[details open: Summary]foo bar baz[/details]


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