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Media Export Normalizers

Replace built-in field normalizers used in serialization of media field types like video and images with normalizers that include more detailed information.


  • styles, style file locations, and the file widths and heights for those image styles.


  • Width, height

Customer Product Prediction

Customer Product Prediction is a novel platform for your website that creates a model of your data using artificial intelligence algorithms to predict, with a high probability, if a new or existing customer will likely buy one or more of your products.

Entityform Access

Exposes finer access controls for entityform entities, based on the entity type.
Note that this module does not implement any query_alter hooks, and it is up to the Views administrator to filter out access to entity form submission. This will be a full module the day we have both entity-level access checks and query alter hooks.

Quick User Filter

This module provides a simple text box on the main user administration page.

UC Product Predictor

This module helps to predict if an user who is already on the system will buy a specific Ubertcart product or recurrent subscription.


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