Contact Message Permissions

An extension of the core contact module that provides form-by-form permissions to access (edit/view/delete) message entities generated by these forms.

Salesforce Term Reference

Field mapper for term reference

Adds a new field mapper to the Salesforce suite of modules to allow using a term reference field. Entity references for content are supported natively by the Salesforce modules, but term references are not unfortunately.

This code is almost entirely based on the work of Mike Christianson and he deserves the credit:

Foundation Access iframe

Iframe based version of foundation access.

key slapping slippard

Prevents new user accounts unless it's an email address.

This is really meant as a demonstration project. You probably shouldn't use it.

Disable menu blocks

Menu module creates new blocks for every menu
.. and there's no easy way to remove them.

These automatic menu blocks are irrelevant when using Menu Block module, or modules like OG Menu, and as such they will just clutter the admin UI and even cause performance problems in some admin areas on sites with many menus.

Menu block current language

Menu block current language provides a replacement for core's Menu block that filters out the untranslated menu links.


In order for this module to have any effect, you must replace menu blocks provided by the System module with menu blocks provided by this module.

At the moment this only works with "Custom Menu Links" (Drupal\menu_link_content\Entity\MenuLinkContent) and views menu links (Drupal\views\Plugin\Menu\ViewsMenuLink).


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