wordpress_migrate supports migrating WordPress blog exports (WXR format) into Drupal using the Migrate module, which is now in Drupal 8 core. Import of posts, pages, comments, attachments, tags and categories is supported. Imports can be rolled back completely.


The Drupal 8 version is under development in the 8.x-3.x branch. See #2904990: Plan for wordpress_migrate 8.x-3.x beta release for major issues (Aug. 2017).

The Drupal 7 version is not being actively developed - the current focus is on D8.


Version 8.x-3.x requires migrate_tools and ctools. Currently drush is recommended to run the migration.

Version 7.x-2.3 requires Migrate 2.7 or later. Migrate Extras is recommended if you have Pathauto installed and enabled and required if you have Media installed and enabled.


Original wordpress_migrate development on Drupal 7 was sponsored by Acquia.

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