ctools 7.x-1.0

Release notes

See the Security Advisory SA-CONTRIB-2012-054 - Chaos tool suite - Cross Site Scripting (XSS) for details.

Changes since 7.x-1.0-rc2:

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ctools-7.x-1.0.tar.gz 392.83 KB 642eca364e64b0074e5ad49f86627ac5
ctools-7.x-1.0.zip 593.8 KB 694ac0d0775200adb41027b725255250
Last updated: March 28, 2012 - 19:20
Official release from tag: 

ctools 7.x-1.0-rc2

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-1.0-rc1:

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ctools-7.x-1.0-rc2.tar.gz 387.15 KB 791167a47cea014fad9018c93376aa88
ctools-7.x-1.0-rc2.zip 588.9 KB ea9ed1cbced00c1bd64d65f7f816c740
Last updated: March 17, 2012 - 20:55
Official release from tag: 

ctools 7.x-1.0-rc1

Release notes

With this release of CTools, we are very close to a real, stable release.


  • Numerous incomplete updates from D6 to D7 on various content types. Many of these have been very hard to spot on code reviews.
  • #1142812: Make sure export.inc is loaded during #ajax operations.
  • #1118570: In Views, sometimes modals would hide because of missing -wrapper ids.
  • #1201904: Allow picking the delta in relationships that can contain multiple values.
  • #1012722: Fix node add form context to really actually work.
  • #1193886: node edit form often only has "Form goes here" due to bad recursion prevention code.
  • #1206230: Really allow exposed form in block. Requires matching commit from Views to work, but should no longer break anything.
  • #870938 Update "php" setting to PHP module for ability to import Views.
  • #1191566 by dereine: Use contextual link instead of tab for "edit panel".

Full list of changes since 7.x-1.0-beta1:

  • #1224340: Allow multiple jump menu to same destination.
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ctools-7.x-1.0-rc1.tar.gz 372.15 KB 39bcea671210505409e3148c8eaefc0e
ctools-7.x-1.0-rc1.zip 562.7 KB 952d6ff9f89ca1dcc92b3839998c8a71
Last updated: July 28, 2011 - 23:06
Official release from tag: 

ctools 7.x-1.0-beta1

Release notes

This update of CTools focuses on stabilizing the tools, and still contains a number of known bugs.

Download Size md5 hash
ctools-7.x-1.0-beta1.tar.gz 369.42 KB 96d8154bfab611eb59cbd3774aa94793
ctools-7.x-1.0-beta1.zip 560.5 KB 3b696ec73aab7fd194306f6b8954e5e5
Last updated: May 31, 2011 - 23:41
Official release from tag: 

ctools 7.x-1.0-alpha4

Release notes

A few minor bug fixes from alpha3, mostly for the support of Views.

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ctools-7.x-1.0-alpha4.tar.gz 362.07 KB 774f6654c149f192b11b136a06be5544
ctools-7.x-1.0-alpha4.zip 549.1 KB f0d9b8a47775cb1b6e5cd1f3cb55e27d
Last updated: March 26, 2011 - 00:36
Official release from tag: 

ctools 7.x-1.0-alpha3

Release notes

Numerous bug fixes, and some new stuff to help facilitate Views integration. Proper entity integration. Panels node form now supports entity fields, making node forms much nicer than they were in D6.

If you update CTools and are running Panels, please be sure to update Panels at the same time.

Known issues:

Download Size md5 hash
ctools-7.x-1.0-alpha3.tar.gz 361.56 KB 1909846a7bd5775c99331c6564ffefa8
ctools-7.x-1.0-alpha3.zip 548.64 KB b5952fe41114acb2afed3f8435aa586d
Last updated: March 17, 2011 - 21:06
Official release from tag: 

ctools 7.x-1.0-alpha2

Release notes

Lots of bug fixes from alpha1.

Noteworthy known broken issues:
taxonomy page does NOT WORK.
node add/edit form overrides do NOT WORK.
Entity support was added and not very well tested, so there are probably rough edges there.

Download Size md5 hash
ctools-7.x-1.0-alpha2.tar.gz 508.86 KB 30e0f5cb27949d2cd67b80bb36701d3e
ctools-7.x-1.0-alpha2.zip 745.59 KB 620f26a406793b0fd87e05426ad346e8
Last updated: January 6, 2011 - 01:21
Official release from tag: 

ctools 6.x-1.8

Release notes

  • #856636: Fix warnings on update.
  • #866524: "Custom" content type could cause crash if trying to reuse it without activating the custom content type module.
  • #870820 by EclipseGc: ctools_export_crud_import() passed wrong arguments to import callback, if defined.
  • Improve the task system to make it possible for Panels Everywhere to get more contexts.
  • #718368: Ignore query string when testing js and css files for inclusion during AJAX requests.
  • #690648 by awolfey: User signature content type.
  • #874960 by yhahn: Export UI goes to wrong path on revert.
  • #868410: Make transparency work on modal backdrop in IE.
  • #872340: AJAX framework used wrong URLs with i18n and CSS files.
  • #609246: Create variant to handle 403, 404 and 301 redirects for non-page page responses.
  • #870466: Invisible steps broken by too aggressive of a test for valid wizard steps. This broke Mini Panel layout change in Panels.
Download Size md5 hash
ctools-6.x-1.8.tar.gz 489.03 KB d05eae72c6c93a9e8a4aeba9da5c20c6
ctools-6.x-1.8.zip 704.68 KB 91418ed976664dddfc94baa8afeb6045
Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:42
Official release from tag: 

ctools 7.x-1.0-alpha1

Download Size md5 hash
ctools-7.x-1.0-alpha1.tar.gz 498.42 KB 500a55a33f90b2bab865753a0d8c5439
ctools-7.x-1.0-alpha1.zip 723.09 KB ea48dcae90dcad1ed1f9fa4459592a1e
Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:42

Release notes

This is the first alpha release of the Chaos Tool Suite for Drupal 7.

The bulk of this porting work was done at a sprint sponsored by Chapter Three, iO1, and Commerce Guys at the Commerce Guys facility in San Francisco, California, in September. Because we did not complete our agenda during the sprint, we continued to work as best we could for the next few weeks in a git repository.

For module developers relying on Chaos Tools for their modules, please read the UPGRADE.txt file to see what changes need to be made to get your code working with CTools. This is in addition to any changes requires by Drupal core, which are extensive.

While this release has completed the porting of all major functionality, many minor bits of functionality have not been ported. This list includes, but is not limited to the following items:

  • Most content types have not been tested. In particular, content types and contexts related to CCK and taxonomy or anything else that has been superceded by the new field API almost certainly will be broken.
  • The option to disable Drupal regions when displaying a page does not yet work.
  • Block content types are miscategorized. We have not yet updated the categorization of blocks.
Official release from tag: 

ctools 6.x-1.7

Release notes

Please see my blog post at http://www.angrydonuts.com for some discussion of the new features across the Panels 3 Suite.

Please be absolutely certain that you upgrade CTools and Panels at the same time!!!!!

  • Deprecated the callback-based 'defaults' in favor of the identical 'process' (plugin system). Consequently, moved the content_type plugin over to use 'process' instead of the 'defaults' callback.
  • Added a ctools.api.php file and began documenting some of our api/hooks there.
  • Changed all hook_ctools_plugin_directory() implementations to use the more informative variable naming scheme.
  • #817612 by elstudio: Fix validation error that was making it impossible to add 'Existing node' content_types.
  • #787644 by Amitaibu and merlinofchaos: Introduce export-ui and auto-submit. See API.txt for more.
  • Update the plugin system documentation, and clean up plugin system logic.
  • #827498: Allow the 'custom' content type to be re-usable and exportable.
  • #827370 by dereine: Allow the new auto-submit.js to allow a single class that causes every element in the form to auto-submit.
Download Size md5 hash
ctools-6.x-1.7.tar.gz 454.75 KB 33e01a3ea69f3529b25bd89bbb71b6b5
ctools-6.x-1.7.zip 668.02 KB 325416099eae37f8c6cb655866ac43c2
Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:42
Official release from tag: 

ctools 6.x-1.6

Release notes

The 1.5 release was botched: only some of the changes listed on the release notes were actually included. This release (1.6) includes all changes that were supposed to be in 1.5.

Download Size md5 hash
ctools-6.x-1.6.tar.gz 402.18 KB e66289bd55a88f6613520a1c5c19b110
ctools-6.x-1.6.zip 592.35 KB 0f5fe79dc1b3791e2ff410b3593b1bfc
Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:42
Official release from tag: 

ctools 6.x-1.5

Release notes

This release is primarily a follow-up quickfix to problems in the 6.x-1.4 release.

Changes since DRUPAL-6--1-4:

Download Size md5 hash
ctools-6.x-1.5.tar.gz 401.96 KB 15e0cd9559927280b5a5f9fc4a659e32
ctools-6.x-1.5.zip 592.04 KB edea3b122496b55cc4c7355ae2d85d72
Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:42
Official release from tag: 

ctools 6.x-1.4

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-6--1-3:

Download Size md5 hash
ctools-6.x-1.4.tar.gz 401.67 KB 48733a28fdb6745d597b8fece736b5b0
ctools-6.x-1.4.zip 591.76 KB 64cd442e13014136d1206fdf63666d92
Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:42
Official release from tag: 

ctools 6.x-1.3

Download Size md5 hash
ctools-6.x-1.3.tar.gz 373.23 KB f3cfab0b951c6e63b8b1d31e969518b7
ctools-6.x-1.3.zip 554.91 KB 73692480f5c3b0863ffaa2c677a6ee05
Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:42

Release notes

NOTE: If you are running Panels + CTools together, you MUST update them together or they will stop working!

    Added support for context keyword substitutions on override paths in content panes provided by views_content.
  • #612850: Fix crash bug with panes referencing deleted/missing views.
  • #595442: Fix AJAX problems with mod_security enabled.
  • Introduce a "jump menu" tool which can be used to provide jump menus with a select.
  • Change plugins to no longer need magic function. Can now use $plugin = array(...) instead.
  • #652236 by alevine: Preserve pre-existing class when adding ajax functionality to form widgets.
  • #657474: Allows clean exporting for task handlers set to be the homepage.
  • #588246 by brynbellomy: Add "context exists" access plugin.
  • #618194 by brynbellomy: Add "string length" access plugin.
  • #618204 by brynbellomy: Add "string comparison" access plugin.
Official release from tag: 

ctools 7.x-1.x-dev

Download Size md5 hash
ctools-7.x-1.x-dev.tar.gz 419.59 KB fab72274c992813b8200a23ea35aa8dd
ctools-7.x-1.x-dev.zip 647 KB 9c44d855fa03128083a06418c0fd6ca2
Last updated: November 18, 2015 - 04:34
Last packaged version: 7.x-1.9+3-dev

Release notes

-dev branch for the D7 port. NOT functional yet!

Nightly development snapshot from branch: 

ctools 6.x-1.2

Download Size md5 hash
ctools-6.x-1.2.tar.gz 298.97 KB 96c17a48adf85b4ddc704dbc6e1978d5
ctools-6.x-1.2.zip 451.77 KB 83ef792b5300fcbb0fb5d64a75ec2581
Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:42

Release notes

  • #605990 by johnskulski: Prevent Views PHP error if display was removed.
  • #605968 by johnskulski: Show more information in the collapsible for Views Panes.
  • #609024: Fix improper validation of views introduced in #547686.
Official release from tag: 

ctools 6.x-1.1

Release notes

This release fixes several bugs, plus introduces a couple of nice new features. Changes of note:

  • The "page elements" content types were broken if you used more than one. They have also been improved.
  • Variant import did not work at all.
  • Views panes got a bit of a settings makeover.
  • Search, contact, blog and poll pages are now offered as system pages. This should be all of the user-facing pages core offers.
  • For develepers, we offer a backport of the drupal_static() function from Drupal 7. In the future CTools may offer backports of simple core functionality from D7, at least until D7 is ready to go.

Complete changelog:

  • Fix problem with ctools_set_page_token()
  • Add a couple of support functions for ctools_set_page_token that are meant to be used by themes.
  • #563916 by Damien Tournoud: ajax before() operation not using behaviors correctly.
  • #553112: dependent.js failed to set proper initial state if inside an already hidden element.
  • #569508 by markus_petrux: Update user_profile content type.
Download Size md5 hash
ctools-6.x-1.1.tar.gz 298.74 KB 396e10932942e3b72b140787f8e588ff
ctools-6.x-1.1.zip 451.51 KB b97e071d16a1ca063c92ee66796e73e2
Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:42
Official release from tag: 

ctools 6.x-1.0

Release notes

Changes since CTools 1.0-rc1

Please note that the Page Manager module is currently useless without Panels 3.0.

We need documentation help! Please see the issue queue (search the Documentation category) for issues. Please see the Advanced Help! Come help fill in the gaps!

  • #534570: Fix _ and - not recognized in for context keywords.
  • #535744 by Senpai: Rename"post" to"node" in various nid selectors.
  • Make sure that tasks that will not override existing overrides refuse to enable and provide an error message saying why.
  • #540750 by manuee: User picture was not available despite having a .inc file.
  • #537184 by stephthegeek: CSS tweaks to fix heights on operations.
  • #471024: Stop preventing exposed-view-in-block blocks from showing up as content panes.
  • #483170: Link paths in page list if they have sensible destinations.
  • #406284: Allow items with the user uid argument to be used as a normal menu item.
Download Size md5 hash
ctools-6.x-1.0.tar.gz 310.7 KB 4332c9a6d9b7d3b4068c594f8068c8db
ctools-6.x-1.0.zip 448.1 KB 54ce0e62911e4bec7397c531860cf420
Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:42
Official release from tag: 

ctools 6.x-1.0-rc1

Release notes

  • #510968: Arguments needed to be recalulculated when path changed in page task.
  • #522454 by stella: export.inc not properly using the 'key' instead of 'name' everywhere.
  • #132557: Allow alter hook for rendered data: hook_ctools_render_alter()
  • #520128: Context object may not be available when loading page cache.
  • #498066 by mikl: Fix class names in advanced help.
  • #504286 by Darren Oh: Set proper primary key on ctools_object_cache
  • #514432 by markus_petrux: Various node fields available as a pane.
  • #451928 by populist: Fix file upload from modals.
  • #522836 by andrewlevine: Add form_clean_id() to ctools_rebuild_form() to prevent extraneous -1s from appearing.
  • #518254: Accidentally inverted truth value on compare users.
  • #464252 by andrewlevine: Helper to make onchange AJAX requests for select boxes.
Download Size md5 hash
ctools-6.x-1.0-rc1.tar.gz 211.38 KB 442ac724b717d2fb8daf3b9209f72933
ctools-6.x-1.0-rc1.zip 316.81 KB 9b7ed842d52ddc10c86d78874115f3a4
Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:42
Official release from tag: 

ctools 6.x-1.0-beta4

Release notes

This beta release of the Chaos Tools suite implements many bug fixes and a brand new user interface for page management system.

The delegator module has been removed and replaced with the page manager module. You will need to turn this module on when you update. All of your data should be moved properly to the new module, unless you have exports in module code. If you do, those will need to be updated to the new function names.

Download Size md5 hash
ctools-6.x-1.0-beta4.tar.gz 204.19 KB 725b6b5964e80e1f2e5c352ce634d5f4
ctools-6.x-1.0-beta4.zip 302.2 KB aeaeb67d339b8d27ce8fd178f126a069
Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:42
Official release from tag: 


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