I'm using the References module, the Page Manger, and Panels.

  1. Create two content types.
  2. On one content type, add a Node (content) reference field with unlimited entries.
  3. Go to Views
  4. Create a View Pane that accepts multiple NID's (the content that gets referenced)
  5. Set the Context argument to Node: NID
  6. Save the view
  7. Go to the Page Manager
  8. Enable the Node Display page
  9. In the Contexts section, add a Reference to your "Node Reference" field.
  10. In the panel display, add your View Pane.
  11. Set the context argument to be passed to the field from your "Node Reference".
  12. Save the page
  13. Create some content (of both types, and include more than one reference).
  14. View some content of the type that the Page refers to.
  15. Notice anything strange?

Only the first item in the reference list shows up.

To double check this, go back to your view, and plugin two or more NID's that you know of (n+n or n,n).
The view preview is correct, but the final display (on the page) is wrong.

Are entity tokens being used to pass NID's between the Page and the View?


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Most contexts can only contain a single object, not a bunch of objects. It seems the relationship assumes you always mean the first delta, though actually it would be good if it were selectable.

For now, you can work around this, sort of, by using a view and doing node from view -- that'll let you pick them into individual contexts. However, a single context cannot, currently, accept multiple nodes.

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Title: Context arguments with multiple values aren't properly received in the view » Entity relationships on reference fields currently only allow picking the 0 delta

Retitling. There needs to be a delta setting, and this setting respected when choosing which context to create.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Committed this setting. It's not well tested, could use feedback from others!

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.