Modules to build sites supporting different human languages

TMGMT Memory

The TMGMT Memory is a module that complements Translator Management Tool (TMGMT). It adds translation memory allowing you to save money and time in cases where the content of a translation was already done before (Exact match), or also can provide candidate translations (Partial match) as help for translation providers like tmgmt_local.

Also if a content item currently changes in one field, it needs to be resubmitted as a whole to the translator. Without a translation memory, a translator is asked to perform the same translation again and again.

CLI Language

This module selects a configurable site language when the site is used through a command-line interface (CLI).


Node Edit Redirect

This module redirects users that edit a node, to same the node edit form, but in the same language as the node.

Assuming the negotiated "content language" is based on URL (prefix/domain), this ensures that the "content language" matches the language of the node.


1. Content language is negotiated based on prefix. See also:!


Search API Cross-language information retrieval

Cross-language information retrieval (CLIR) is a subfield of information retrieval dealing with retrieving information written in a language different from the language of the user's query. For example, a user may pose their query in English but retrieve relevant documents written in French.


Age Checker

Age Gate page

Age Gate is a simple module that restricts users to access the pages on the site once he passes the age Gate page of the site.



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