Modules to build sites supporting different human languages

Bootstrap Languages

Bootstrap Languages exposes a new block that allows site visitors to switch languages using a Bootstrap dropdown button. It relies on the Languages for Bootstrap 3 library to display language labels as country flags in the dropdown selector.

Internationalization for commerce product

Added filter by language


This module allow you to translate commerce products.
You need it if you have multilingual site with e-commerce via commerce module.

TMGMT REST Translator


TMGMT REST module is a plugin for Translation Management Tool module. It calls / creates custom REST services for automated translation of the content.
This module can be used when an external translation provider has the ability/flexibility to work with the custom REST services.


Multilang - Embed multiple translations inside a unique node or block

Multilang with CKEditor


This module is intended to allow entering all desired translations of a given content inside of a unique node, instead of having to create a separate node (with Multilingual Content) or a distinct field version (with Entity Translation) for each translation.


Translated Source Tokens

Have you ever had a need for your translated content to have the same path alias as the source? Do you have multiple domains that want to maintain the same url structure within the site? Look no further if this is the case.

This module provides you with a token to access your translation source's alias. Such information can be used in Pathauto patterns or however else you may find a usage for it.

Have an idea to take it to the next level or do you need more tokens available? Let's talk.

Taxonomy translation UUID

UUID support for i18n_taxonomy. With this module term-UUID is used instead of TID for translations.

On admin/config/regional/translate/translate
taxonomy:term:1234:name -> taxonomy:term:{tid}:[type]
taxonomy:term:6ab188de-c1fc-4d17-bf5b-3ab3a77e4ae9:name -> taxonomy:term:{uuid}:[type]



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