Modules to build sites supporting different human languages

Fake Path Alias

This project aims to allow multilingual sites to display original, not translated nodes using node alias instead of path source.

You have a multilingual site with 2 languages En and Fr, you have a node in original language with alias /my-first-post. Both node and alias exist for En language, changing language in Fr, node will be accessible only by path source (/node/1), here this module is helping you by handling path and instruct Drupal to use original node alias when original node is accessed in another language.


Language HTTP header

Allows using custom HTTP header as a language negotiation method.

Name of the header is configurable in the settings page.


Enable the module and go to: Administration » Configuration » Regional and language » Languages
Enable the "HTTP header" detection method and re-arrange the detection methods as you see fit. The recommended arrangement is: "URL -> HTTP header".

Downloads Website Translator

This plugin makes it easy to set up and install your Website Translator code snippet into your WordPress site.'s Website Translator allows you to localize your entire website in just a few clicks!

What's possible with's Website Translator?

Dropdown Language

Provides a block with D8's Dropbutton element to switch site language. Rather than the Language Switcher (Language modules basic block) that is an unordered list of links.

  • Block will 'appear' when more than one language is active. Otherwise content is empty.
  • Current Language appears at top of list.


- language (core)
- block (core)


TMGMT Memory

The TMGMT Memory is a module that complements Translator Management Tool (TMGMT). It adds translation memory allowing you to save money and time in cases where the content of a translation was already done before (Exact match), or also can provide candidate translations (Partial match) as help for translation providers like tmgmt_local.

Also if a content item currently changes in one field, it needs to be resubmitted as a whole to the translator. Without a translation memory, a translator is asked to perform the same translation again and again.

CLI Language

This module selects a configurable site language when the site is used through a command-line interface (CLI).



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