Modules to build sites supporting different human languages

Partially Multilingual

Quick Summary

If you have a site that is multilingual, but only some pages are translated, this module redirects untranslated pages to the source language, to help with search engine optimization.

A bit more detail...

The purpose of the Partially Multilingual module is to avoid having multiple, unaliased URLs for the same page, which differ only by the language prefix in the URL, if your site has pages that are not translated into all of the enabled site languages.

TMGMT Translator Yandex

Yandex translation plugin for Translation Management Tools (TMGMT) project.


  • Submit translation jobs to Yandex
  • The project of course also supports implicity all the features which are provided by TMGMT like a feature-rich review process, being able to translate different sources and more.


Entity Tools

Have you ever thought about this?

// Returns an array of Nodes for a content type, using the current user language.
// Renders a teaser.
$service->getNodeView('1', 'teaser');

Ok, I want the same for terms, users, blocks, views! And btw, give me something for my links.


This module does nothing on its own, it provides helpers as Services to quickly implement common programming tasks like:

Alias Language Negotiation

Experiment about accessing content in another language using path aliases.

NOTE: it's recommended to apply the patches from the child issues of #2860901: Doubts about Content language negotiation.

Typical setup:
Alias Language Negotiation setup

Admin User Language

Admin User Language settings


The Admin User Language module makes sure that any user
has a pre-selected administration pages language.

This is useful when you want to give a consistent user experience
to your users, in the specific, when you want to force the back end
navigation to be always in a specific language (e.g. English).

Admin Language Negotiation

Language detection and selection screen


The Admin Language Negotiation module allows non-admin
users to have their preferred administration language.

The module enables the Administration pages language settings to anyone
that has the permission Admin language negotiation
and introduces a new Language Negotiation based on this permission.


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