Let's Encrypt Challenge

This is a simple module that allows for a configuration of a Let's Encrypt challenge.

It allows you to set some output for an http://www.example.com/.well-known/acme-challenge/FILENAME url.


Aegir Site Audit

This module integrates the Site Audit extension with the Aegir Monitoring and Reporting systems. It allows all Site Audit checks to be run regularly against all sites hosted on a deployment of the Aegir Hosting System.


Aegir Reporting

This module provides a reporting framework for the Aegir Hosting System. It builds atop the Aegir Monitoring API to report on the health of hosted sites. It ships with some basic probes, but is intended to be extended, as with Aegir Site Audit.


Aegir Monitoring API

This module provides a monitoring API for the Aegir Hosting System. It integrates with Aegir queue system, and runs probes against hosted sites or servers to gather interesting information (e.g. when cron was last run on a site).



Sets up basic requirements for Cross-Domain Messaging between Drupal sites, via the easyXDM library.


HybridAuth idQ Provider

Scanning a QR code with idQ app to login to Drupal site.

This is a provider plugin module for the HybridAuth Social Login authentication platform.



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