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WebEmailProtector | email address spam protection

Stop your website email addresses from being scraped and harvested by spammers with the best email obfuscator protection available.

Welcome to the WebEmailProtector module for Drupal. With 100% satisfaction amongst its users so far we hope you like it too - but please review and leave your comments!

Webform Validation No Credit Card Numbers


This project provides validation to prevent webform submissions containing credit card numbers from being entered into your database when you don't want.

OpenID Connect Extras

The OpenID Connect Extras module extends the functionality of the OpenID Connect module by adding these key functionalities:



Acceptto Two Factor Authentication Module for Drupal:

It’sMe™ family of products allows you to use mobile devices such as phones and smart watches as a second factor to authorize your logins and transactions in real-time. 

Our personal transaction authorization framework offers a user friendly rule-engine that gives you control, convenience and peace of mind. Whether you are accessing on-premises or cloud based applications, the ability to authorize, monitor, and view all transactions through our services will offer the control and safety that you desire.

aGov Password Policy

This module provides Australian Government DSD Policies for use with the Password Policy module.

If provides two different policy profiles:

- Australian Government ISM Policy (Strong)
- Australian Government ISM Policy (Weak)

See the ISM – Information Security Manual for further details on the policies: http://www.asd.gov.au/infosec/ism/


Protected Installation (modules and themes)

Allows you to install only the modules and themes from drupal.org. When installed, this module provides two simple features:

  1. Removes the upload field
  2. Validates the source URL entered for download (must be from drupal.org)

Developed and maintained by FISQUA; Sponsored by Marinha do Brasil.




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