This is a fork of the webform_encrypt module. This fork has been updated for webform 4 and includes many of the common patches used in webform_encrypt.

Real AES


Real AES is a library loader for the Defuse PHP-encryption library. It also provides partial API compatibility with the insecure AES module (via a submodule) to act as a replacement for use with other modules. Contrary to AES, this module will not accept keys that are too long or too small. This means that modules that improperly manage keys (or confuse "passwords" with "keys") will not work.


Secure Client

The Secure Client module is used to provide Drupal with configuration settings that can be used to create secure HTTPS connections. For sites running PHP 5.5 this is useful because secure connections may not be created by default, and as a result, Drupal cannot complete certain tasks like checking for module updates or getting feeds from secure URLs. Sites running PHP 5.6 or later use OS-managed certificate authorities by default (except in some Microsoft Windows configurations) and generally do not need to be reconfigured. Additionally, contributed modules are no longer required to implement their own connection settings, which simplifies configuration management for administrators.

PHP Password

Provides a Drupal 8 Password interface for using PHP's native blowfish based hashing mechanism.

Based on work from the core issue queue #1845004: Replace custom password hashing library with PHP 5.5 password_hash()


Token2 Two-Factor Authentication


Token2 helps you proctect your Drupal site from hackers using simple two-factor authentication.
You can get your free API key at https://www.token2.com

Intent URL API

This (currently experimental) code acts as a central point for modules that rely on this to define specific URLs to perform certain actions.

Modules that come with Ajax buttons, one-time click URLs, flagging, and such features have to define a menu router item in order to get them called. For every implementation, there are many tasks that are common:


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