Node Watch

The Node Watch module provides a report of nodes on the system in order to provide alerts when that count changes based on a configurable threshold.

Two Factor Authentication for Duo Security

This is a plugin to the tfa framework for Duo Security.

To use

  1. Download, install and enable the tfa framework
  2. Download, install and enable this module.
  3. Enable this plugin at admin/config/people/tfa

7.x-1.x uses Duo auth API to do the authentication. This may not be usable on non enterprise accounts

7.x-2.x uses their webapi, but breaks some Drupal best practice.


Crowd Bruteforce Protection

This module has 2 dependencies, flood_unblock and flood_control. Rather than re-invent the wheel, I use these modules instead. This module protects against Bruteforce logins and bans any IP that tries to login to your website X times and reports those IP's back to a crowdsource server to help everyone protect themselves from that IP.


Sudo Mode

"Sudo Mode" is a module which takes inspiration from the unix sudo program which allows you to escalate yourself to a privileged user in order to perform an action. While this module doesn't swap your user role, it will ensure sensitive areas of your site request that you supply your password before being able to complete an action.

Credential Authentication API (CAA)

This module provides a simple and secure API to feed credentials, and returns a status message after verification.
Script for apache (external vhost) included.

Drop Guard

Drop Guard is a service to automate Drupal updates. To use Drop Guard with your Drupal installation you need to install this module. It will collect data about installed modules and themes and send this information securely encrypted to Drop Guard. Then Drop Guard will retrieve available updates for your site and care about the updates automatically, together with integration with your deployment processes.



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