Webform Scoring

An extension to THE LEGENDARY "webform" Module. If enabled, adds a hidden field to a webform to save overall score for a submission. This module is particularly useful if you want to rate/score the submissions of users. For eg. you are using webforms to create a survey, and you want to get the list of potential users/clients/people you wish to interact with. This module can come handy in this situation. This module allows to define scores for different type of inputs by user. For eg.

Quiz Progress Bar

The Quiz Progress Bar module lets you add a progress bar to your graded assessments in Drupal. This gives your users a visual indicator of their progress.

Instant Feedback

Instant Feedback provides an ajax form that gives the user a simple yes/no question (ie. "Did you find what you where looking for?") No-sayers get a open follow-up question. The results are exposed to views and anything that can deal with flags.


Entity API
Session API (to enable anonymous feedback)

Age Calculator

Age calculator user interface


Age calculator allows site users to calculate their age on any particular calendar day.

This calculator is based on the most common age system. In this system, age grows at user's birthday.

This calculator gives out age in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

How it works:

It Provides a very simple Ajax-Based region(Block) from where users can calculate their age. Where user just needs to enter two things


Quiz H5P

This project adds H5P support to Quiz 5+ as a Quiz question.

See #2300871: Quiz module integration

And #2383029: Support for H5P integration



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