Voting like button

This module allows to integrate the Voting like button into your Drupal website.


  • Votinglike module allows visitors to like and dislike anonymously the following Drupal entities: nodes, comments, user.
  • Fully customizable through settings.
  • All labels texts can be changed.
  • Appearance is controlled through CSS.
  • Built-in styles.

Get Likes and Dislikes count in template

Suppose you are using "bartik" theme and you want to display Likes and Dislikes count on the Article page:

Webform Random

This module provides a checkbox on the WebformForm Form Settings page located located at /node/%/webform/configure to display the form elements randomly.

Commerce sale rank.

This module allows you to calculate and periodically refresh node and taxonomy terms sales ranks for Drupal Commerce.


  • Choosing entities bundles and taxonomy terms for storing sales ranks for them.
  • Setting max period in days for selecting only actual orders and line items for calculating sales ranks.
  • Periodically refresh sales ranks by cron or manually.
  • Using sales ranks as simple entity field, because it is simple numeric entity field.

Perspective API

Perspective API integrates Google perspective.

Development has started recently and an API key is requested for testing so unfortunately there is nothing to show here yet.

Webform Email Triggers

Webform Email Triggers allows you to modify webform email text depending on the options selected by the user during submission.

For example, if you ask the following question in your webform:

How will you be travelling to the event?

  • On foot
  • By car
  • By air

A different set of directions could be added to the email for someone who chose 'By air', 'By car' or 'On foot'.

The module uses tokens so the layout of your email is still fully customisable.


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