The module allows to create a light social buttons integration, without the embedded iframe or external javascript code and show the counters from the following service:

  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest

The module use the javascript API from the services to get the number of share. For the Google Plus service is used an internal call with POST parameter.

Views integration
The module lightsocialbuttons_views permits to create a "most shared contents" block.

Node Watch

The Node Watch module provides a report of nodes on the system in order to provide alerts when that count changes based on a configurable threshold.

Webform Smart IP

This project creates a new Webform field type called 'smart_ip' that uses the Smart IP module to provide additional data about the form submitter in hidden fields. The data will show up on the Results/Submissions admin pages, but will be hidden on the form submission.

This could be beneficial for lead generation sites that needs to filter leads by city or state.


Search API Voting

This module provides basic integration between Voting API and Search API modules.

It adds an extra data alteration to entity based search indexes and make this setting available on the "Filter" tab. If an administrator enables the mentioned alteration, all combination of vote results will be available for indexing on the "Fields" tab.

Webform Field Wrapper

The webform field wrapper provides an additional webform component that acts in a similar way to a fieldgroup, without being a fieldgroup. Fieldgroups are NOT the correct way to group fields together for presentational purposes, this is where Webform Filed Wrapper comes in.

Entity Reviews

Entity Review module allows authenticated users to leave reviews on site content.



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