Noughts and Crosses

This is basically fun game module. In this module, two players can play tic tac toe interactively.
The player who succeeds in placing three of their marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins the game.

Complete module is based jQuery, however, non-js feature is also available.

Features :
1. Two players(Humans) can play this game.
2. A block is provided so that it can be integrated in any part of site.
3. Instant results are provided.

Rise up

Webform auto submission reference

This module implements a hidden webform element which automatically discovers and references other webform submissions saved by the current user, anonymous or authenticated.

A typical use case is when there are more then one webforms to get bundled.

For example let's put that a Webform of type A is an application for one product, while webform of type B is a contract which lists all the applications of type A (@see Scenario #1 below).

Star Rating Form Display

This module tranform select tag of starrating module to clickable icon (more friendly)


Install as other Drupal modules. More detail here

Qualtrics eXperience Management

This module gathers and reports on user/admin feedback for all pages.
You will need to create a Qualtrics account to make use of this module.


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