Stock Info

The Stock Info module provides the means to present investor relations information about a specific publicly traded stock on one of the major international stock exchanges. Currently the module uses to acquire quote data.

The Stock Info module provides a stock quote block for the configured stock and a stock information page with a chart and graph of the stock's performance. Currently the graph is a daily graph but that may be enhanced to allow for other levels of granularity.

More to come...

Voting Plus One


This module provides +1 voting style functionality.

Based on votingapi, this module adds a field type that you could add to any entity/bundle for having +1 voting functionality.


- Entity API
- Voting API

Webform Selectable Filters


Transform any exposed textfield filter of a webform submissions view into multiple drop-down list.

Motivation / Problem:

Let's say you have a Webform where you ask people their name and for their favorite fruit. Let's say a long list of users complete this form, and that you need to get the names of all the people who like a specific fruit (e.g. apple)

Webform Redirect

Provides option to redirect the user to different page/URL depending on the submission data.


Prediction IO

A module to integrate with Prediction.IO which is a well known open source Machine Learning Server and a recommendation engine. The purpose of this module is a to build a scalable solution to get user recommendations within the data model of your website. The module will have the following features
1. Collect user ratings and statistics
2. Predict and Recommend other nodes/entities in your website that the user might like


Shortlist/Bookmark content in your site. You will be able to create a list out of it and share it with others. Anonymous users can also create list of their own.



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