Trending Images

Trending Images is a module which can be easily connected to popular social network client API and pull latest 'trending' multimedia in regular intervals. Thus, refreshing multimedia on your site automatically.

Module provides new field type called 'trending_images'.
Each field can hold unique images which are refreshed on cron run.
Also, the case where image needs to stay permanent is covered.

Mustache Templates

Integrates Mustache.php plus Mustache.js into Drupal.

Includes a generic framework to build DOM content which can be automatically synchronized on the client-side. Any RESTful Json endpoint can be used for automatic content synchronization.

Using Mustache.php by

  • Copyright (c) 2010-2015 Justin Hileman

Using Mustache.js by

Site Alert System

Notification System module will be an independent module that will be used for showing different notice to different pages of a website. This module will have a flexibility of setting notices for either site node pages or a taxonomy page.

Tabbed Page Content

A content type that builds tabbed blocks that can be placed on pages or used as a block in another way.

Simple Content

This module exposes a simple entity that is not translatable or revisionable. This will stay like this always, so do not open a feature request for revisions or translations. You can create multiple simple content types (bundles).

Every simple content type can be embedded in a block. A block is also available to render an existing simple content entity using autocomplete to select.

Think of it as a light version of Fieldable Panels Panes for Drupal 8.

Counter Field Formatter

Counter field formatter is a simple module which animates number countups for a specific field (float/decimal/integer).

Upon installing, this creates a "counter field formatter" with options duration and animate styling.

NOTE: This module works only for float/decimal/integer types.


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