Field Formatter Conditions: Flag

Adds an additional condition, to be used by [ffc.module](Field Formatter Conditions) so that we can show or hide rendered fields depending on of an entity is flagged in some ways.

A glue module between ffc and flag.

CivicActions Empowered

Provides a configurable "CivicActions Empowered" Drupal 8 block with a link to CivicActions website. Defaults to placing block in the footer if possible.

Paragraphs Tabs

Horizontal and Vertical Tabs

Block Collection

The collection module provides a simple way to group blocks into a 'collection' with an associated region within the block.

The block collection module creates collection of blocks that can be wrapped in a class. This is particularly useful for responsive designs when placing blocks with span classes inside of a collection with a class.

Theme Field

During the development of Paragraphs LandingPage Framework I just found that it will be good to have Theme Switcher Field separately because it can be very useful not only inside Landing Pages.

Paragraphs accordion

A pre-configured paragraph type that generates an accordion on display.

This module allows the user to enter multiple text/title pairs via the text_with_title compound field type.


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