Scald: Gallery Grid

Scald: Gallery Grid is a "player" for the Scald: Gallery module (which itself is a "provider" for the Scald: Media Management suite of modules).



This project is a *developer-centric* module to support full accountability of change management associated to theme changes based upon varying factors.

It is a variety of ThemeKey which offers change records and access controls which aim to be suitable for government use, which uses a nice administrative interface with views integration.


Provides Webpage content type and related configuration.
Use Webpage to add publicly accessible web pages
with the Layout Builder

Boolean Block Formatter

Block configuration screenshot on the manage display page


  • This module is used to render a pre-configured block based on a toggle switch from a boolean field.
  • If you want to show or hide a block within the content area based on a checkbox value, this is the module for you!
  • You need to configure which block to be displayed in the field formatter settings for the boolean field in the entity's manage display screen.


You must have the block and display suite modules installed.

Multistep Submit

This module is for easily create a multistep form and depends on the Field group module.
This module integrate jQuery steps
This module add validation form using jQuery validation


Pattern Library

The pattern library module is intended to be used to connect patterns defined in a third-party library like Pattern Labs or Partial to Drupal. Each pattern that is defined will build a layout, which can be used in either display suite, page manager, or any module that utilizes the Layouts API.


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