Offset Date

This module allows you to store a single date in the database, while displaying any offset of that date to your users. Rather than needing extra date fields to store/display this information, you can simply apply the display format and specify your desired offset for a stored date.

Use this module in the same way you would any other formatting module.

Profile2 Panels

Enable in Page Manager

Page Manager (Panels) support for Profile2.

With this module you can take over Profile2 paths with Page Manager.
Now it is possible to theme your Profile2 edit and view pages with Panels.


URL filter reloaded

The drupal core filter "Convert URLs into links" (filter_url) is converting strings with "@" into email addresses even if there is no domain suffix present. (eg: working@home). While those strings contain valid domain name (home is a fully valid domain name by standard) with the current usage of "@" character this might not be the desired effect. (this is the topic of the ticket 2016739 )

View Modes Display

View Modes Display is a helper module to preview view modes for your entities.

When working on a site with many content types and view modes, it becomes tedious to find out where to view the rendered entity in a given view mode. This module aims to solve this by providing an additional tab "Preview Display" on the node itself.

On the "Preview Display" page, all view modes with custom settings will be rendered in the enabled theme. A contextual link is also added for nodes to make it easy to link to the "Preview Display" from anywhere the node is shown.


Panels Field Collection form

This module contains a simple implementation for embedding Field Collection forms into Panels.


well, obviously:


Domain Path Search Results

Makes sites with domain path use domain path URLs in search results


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