in English :
This is module add the cross content features.
You can link each node with others nodes (from several content types).

as you can see on the screenshot, there is some features :
- Load cross content by taxonomie term.
- Load cross content by selecting items on the edit form of the node.
- Fix number of items to load.
- Which content types to load.

Views Zurb Foundation


The Views Zurb Foundation module adds styles to Views to output the results of a view
as Zurb Foundation 6 Block Grid (see Zurb Foundation Block Grid). This module is based on Views Bootstrap and altered for Zurb Foundation.

SlickQuiz field

Choose SlickQuiz field type

This module allows you to create a field to generate quizzes based on SlickQuiz library SlickQuiz library (library demo here) and JSON form module.

Decoupled Blocks: Vue.js

This is a Vue.js implementation for the Decoupled Blocks module. Blocks built with Vue.js can now easily be added to a site via a module or in a custom theme.

Documentation: See the file once downloaded.

Development Status: The PHP side has full test coverage and is passing. Next we need Functional Javascript tests created to ensure that everything implementing Vue renders correctly.

Entity display

Set the display of an entity by code.


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