how to post a story with image ??

i am new in drupal
could you please help me how to post a story with image ??
thank you

Drupal Project - Knowledge GUI (Beta)

In an attempt to illustrate a coherent "overhead view" of all the documentation at and to suggest one possible "landing page" for the Documentation section, I've created a dynamic (javascript/HTML) outline of pretty much all of the Documentation at The outline itself is a logical hierarchy of links to the documentation, audio, and video at It also includes seperate indexes of the drupal audio and video, just for the sake of completeness.

Essentially, it's a portable front-end to the documented knowledge of the Drupal Project to-date.

It's useful for the following reasons:

  1. It presents the user with an orderly approach to the Drupal Project, by rearranging the links to the existing documentation at
  2. The first levels suggest the structure of one possible "landing page" for the Documentation section of
  3. It's just one html file (724 KB), so it can be hosted anywhere, even as a local copy on a user's computer.
  4. At the moment (as of Drupalcon Boston 2008 + a few days), it is relatively up-to-date.
  5. It can be easily edited and updated by anyone, so it can remain up-to-date.
  6. It is Creative Commons, Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0.
  7. It's been tested in Firefox and Opera.

The javascript/HTML file can be viewed at:

Introduction, and question about contributing

I'm a Drupal newbie. I'm also a professional technical writer with a lot of background in programming.

I used the Getting Started PDF as a guide to installing and configuring Drupal 5.7, and I kept a record of errors and possible improvements by annotating the PDF file. I'd like to ask what would be the best way to contribute this material .

I'm reluctant to make changes to the online manual for several reasons.

First, I believe that tutorial documentation is much more effective when delivered as a linear printable document than as a collection of Web pages; given the choice, I would much rather improve the PDF for this document than the HTML. Because of the differences between the two media, I know that some of my corrections could not be applied to the HTML documentation, and so would be lost even if it were reconverted to PDF.

Second, as I become more familiar with Drupal I sometimes realize that comments I have made are based on ignorance or misunderstanding, and I expect that process to continue for a while longer. For this reason I'm hesitant to make changes that will immediately be accessible online, even if they are subject to review.

Warn newbies about our transition period

I think we ought to mention somewhere in all the material on D6 that it's going to be a while before contrib modules catch up. Otherwise, a lot of new users are going to be making forum posts about why the modules they need aren't out for 6 yet -- assuming they don't just drop Drupal and move on to another CMS.

I don't see any mention of this on

Documentation on 'OG Forum'

My problem is about module 'OG Forum'.
I want to built a forum that should have this tree (presentation here) :

Forum A (product A)
* Forum A1 (customer 1)
* Forum A2 (customer 2)
* Forum A3 (customer 3)

Forum B (product B)
* Forum A1 (customer 1)
* Forum A2 (customer 2)
* Forum A3 (customer 3)

But these forums should be read either by product or by customer.

Thanks for your help

Intranet Knowlege Base - Installation and Configuration Guide

In this forum we discuss, share, and document how to utilize Drupal 6.x in a secured intranet environment for use as a knowledge base.



+ MySQL 5 installation and configuration

+ MySQL backup automation

+ PHP 5

+ Access Control settings

+ Server security considerations


When posting to this forum please include your technical tips in a concise, spell-checked format.


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