module created - unable to enable

so my new module is in the list but I am unable to enable it, please help


problems using drupal_http_request()

I get the error:
unexpected 'var_dump' (T_STRING)

Can anyone help please, I would like to post the data below to the url set at $url

Script to add files in S3 bucket folder and add files on new location using S3 api or s3fs module.

Script to add files in S3 bucket folder and add files on new location
try {
$config = _s3fs_get_config();
$s3 = _s3fs_get_amazons3_client($config);
catch (S3fsException $e) {
form_set_error('form', $e->getMessage());
return FALSE;

css pauses on load for certain nodes

On loading certain node pages the related images do not appear for a few seconds and the bullet points/text flashes instead. For other nodes exactly the same it does not happen. This glitch has just started to appear from nowhere and now on node creation....

Drupal 6 menu for Foundation off canvas

I need to prepare a Drupal 6 menu (primary links) for using as a Foundation off canvas menu.

I need to get the off-canvas-list class in UL tag and the wrapping DIVs (block-menu... and content) removed.

Did someone get this done?

Upgrading from 6.38 to 7

What's the easiest way to find someone who would be willing to upgrade my two Drupal installations for me? The Marketplace was a bit overwhelming.

In the past, I've managed to do this myself with the help of Bluehost, but they aren't willing to help any longer, and I always get myself into trouble.


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