Huge Drupal Site ... need some guidance


I have an existing Drupal 6 site with extensive custom coding. Planning on waiting until 8 is out and stable with the modules I need to upgrade. This website has a 17G database with about 5.7M pages. This site is cumbersome to say the least. I run Varnish so it is pretty quick all things considered.

In the mean time I want to add a new section to the site. This will likely boost the pages up beyond 24M let alone the size of the DB.

I am trying to figure out what to do.

D6 "Author" content type, best practice

In Drupal 6, I need to create an author content type with fields for firstname and surname (nothing to do with a node's authoring information).

1. I don't need a title, or even want to bother the person creating the node with seeing it. How do I handle the Title field, and what do I stick in it, if I can't leave it blank?

2. If I have two authors with the same name, eg. John Smith, how do I make each node unique? Can I expose/access the node ID.

D6 node reference to D7 Entities to D8?

Is there an upgrade path from Drupal 6 node reference fields, to entities as used in Drupal 7 and 8?

I have several Drupal 6 sites using Node Reference CCK fields. The D7 References module "integrates with the content_migrate module present in CCK 7.x-2.x-dev to allow the migration of field definitions and field values from D6".

But D7 (Entity reference) and D8 (Entities in core) make use of Entities. How do I upgrade?

Paypal update JUNE 2015 ? anything to do ?

Paypal update JUNE 2015 ?


Paypal has sent a message to inform about somes changes, do you know if anything need to be done ?

Thank you.

reachability of rest user data

"localhost:8080?q=/rest/user" gives all user's names mails, pictures etc..
Isn't it a security problem? I don't want to share this information with everyone. How could I restrict the reachability of user info.


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