function hook_views_data

I believe I may have sorted this now

Fixed! - can't login to my site and SQL error!

I have a Drupal 6 site that hasn't been changed for more than a year, suddenly I get the below message when visiting the site and when I try to login to the site it says: "You are not authorized to access this page."

Recovering a module which was deleted from the host


Accidentally I have deleted the View module while using FTP during a migration.

I noticed it much more later, so I can't reach any backup (just for 7 days, but it was before.)

Now, the pages are working, but my site is full of with error messages of the missing files. I tried to copy back, but didn't help. I can't remove or switch inactive the views module, I can not take any action in the admin with it. 

Have any idea how should I solve and bring back the module?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Can't show publication date on Drupal 6 using garland.

Hi! I have to create a blog for a client who have a web with Drupal 6 with garland theme.

The problem that I have is the publication date. It appears if I change the theme, but when I come back to garland this date disappeared. How can I show this?


Administrationpage is VERY unstable

I had a long struggle installing Drupal. The access to MySql had some issues. But it seems that I finally sorted it out.

Now I'm trying to get to know the administrationpage. But here's the next issue: often the links don't work. If I press a link the screen goes blank after some loading (for instance the "Extend" and "Content"). Sometimes I'm able to use the BACK-button in my browser but other times I have to do a reload of the page ( Why is this happening?

Drupal Broken, Need Help Restoring

I was upgrading drupal from drupal 6 to 7 and followed all the instructions. I have a backup of all the files from the server and the database. However after upgrade drupal 7 was not working, so I restored to drupal 6 by deleting everything from the root and replacing with files from the backup and restoring the database. However my site is still broken. My site is

I get the following error:


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