Domain name

Not sure I have the correct group for this question, but if I am wrong, perhaps you could direct me to the right group. The need I have to for Drupal to release my domain name. I am deleting the beginning website using Drupal. A new one is being substituted, but I am not certain that Drupal can host it. This means that I shall have to get another hosting company. Thanks for your help.

Displaying the workflow state in the node content with workflow_fields

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Looking to help with documentation

I'm looking to help/volunteer with the documentation....if someone could guide me to the 'next steps' that would be appreciated. If possible I would be interested in helping setup the 'project approach' for setting up a Drupal site - providing a base plan, steps, links to key guides, FAQ's etc...has that been done? would that help?


Example Manual for Theme Development?

Hi there,

I'm looking for an example manual which outlines brand guidelines for a web site built in Drupal. For instance, it would indicate the font, size and color for Article Titles, Topics, Sub-topics, Authors. It would get into detail on formatting guidelines for how to display quotes, glossary entries, and even outline how roll overs should appear.

Does anyone have an example of such a toolkit for a CMS-based site?


How to render RSS items that link to original aggregated item when using Aggregation module

The Aggregation module ( is a much powerful RSS solution than the built-in one.

One problem though is that the RSS publishing doesn't know that a particular node was aggregated from an external source, and the
element points to the Drupal node instead.

After extensive search on this site, I didn't find a clear solution (close ones and others).

Draft/RFC - Anatomy of Drupal for N00B

I've been looking at 5.5 for a few days; I came in without much
php or css familiarity, but enough unix/web background that there was
no major hair pulling getting it going on my linux test machine. In
the handbooks and howtos, I don't see anything like a "basic anatomy
of a drupal site."


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