step by step help do develop a site

step by step help do develop a site for new comers, please put your comments.

Editing Menu

Hello. I know this question might have an easy answer, but I cannot figure it out for some reason. I want to edit the menu that people see when they come to the website without logging in as visitors. I am using Drupal so my client can manage there content, so visitors don't need to login for any reason at all. For some reason though, any edits I make to the menu only appear in the admin left navigation bar when I am logged in, so visitors never see the changes. Any help would be appreciated.

So this is deprecated...?

Where should we go instead?
A search for 'documentation' on produces nothing relevant.

Comment about "A step-by-step example"

Should we not abstain from suggesting the use of <i> and <b> tags since the use of presentational markup is discouraged. I would prefer to suggest the use of <em> and <strong> instead, that would get new users on to a good start.

Which is the best Drupal book for Newbies?

If I have to buy one book, which do you recommend? Eventually I'd like to understand all the nitty gritty details of Drupal, but for now I just want to understand how to make a website from scratch. I already have Drupal installed on MAMP, and I've read some of the cookbook, but I'd really like something that is well written that is a better guide to creating a website from scratch.

Drupa Program Flow

Hi Frens.
I am new to Drupal. Being a php prgrammer, it will be good to know the program flow like how drupal functions flow is ,how they process and work etc.
I was wondering if there is a graphical representation of Drupal program flow.
Is it possible the program flow from somewhere. A graphical or arrow diagram sort like thing will be very helpful to all learners like me.
Thanking you all


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