Installation Profiles and Distributions

I have noticed that there are two different terms being using for conceptually the same thing. On this page installation profiles and on this page the same thing is referred to as distributions. On the second page an installation profile is even called a "customized 'distribution'...". Why not just use the term distribution which conveys something familiar to a lot of people and avoid the confusion of using these two different terms in a seemingly interchangeable way?

Furthermore, the content of these two pages overlaps. They both include lists of distributions/installation profiles and not much else. If one is to serve as a list of what already exists why not put all the content relevant to such a page in one place? And where is there a page with a general overview and guidelines for creating an installation profile/distribution? Someone who does not know much about a distribution but is thinking of creating one would greatly benefit from such a document rather than having to learn just from looking at what others have done. Not only would improved documentation make creating distributions easier, but it would also help to make sure that they follow the principles of the Drupal community.

How do I make site Admin to follow some compulsory steps before a admin aprroves a new account?

Hi...I am new to problem is that when a visitor creates a new account and it goes to administrator for approval then the admin can set the account of that user to unblocked.

At that time i want the admin not to assign him role and continue further unless the admin enters some field input say a number which is compulsory to be assigned to user e.x. customer internal number.

This field input is visible only to admin and not visible to visitor when filling registration form for new account.

Please help me on this.


newsletter module for drupal 6 with template

I need drupal 6.x newsletter module with templete if you have, Then pls send me via mail.

My email address is


Menu Listing on click using superfish menu


Can anyone hep me out..

my primary links are like this:-

Now i want to display 2 basic link that is Education and Commercial should display their child menu items on click that is commerce, science, home, forum and for the sub of these items superfish menu should be used.

But i am not getting the way how to do it.

Drupal Book

I'm thinking to buy a Drupal ebook. I'm looking to oReilly's Drupal book.

Using Drupal Choosing and Configuring Modules to Build Dynamic Websites

What's your thoughts on this book ?


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