Wanted: Drupal Engineer

We are http://www.RNGsoft. com and lookiing for a Drupal Engineer to help build our Modules.
If your interested, please contact Frans at Frans@RNGsoft.com. Thank you.

Wanted: Drupal Documentation Writer

We are http:// www. RNGsoft. com and have utilized Drupal to create our CMS.
We are in need of a Drupal Document writer. Our Engineering staff has utilized many of the Drupal modules and now we need help in writing up information for our clients to read and understand the module functionality.

If you can help us, please send an email to Frans@RNGsoft.com.

btw, we can also use another Drupal Engineer

Frans Alkemade

architectural design of drupal

I searched all documentation for architectural design of drupal but i did not get it.
would u like to help me.

Downloadable Developer Documentation

Is there any space where you can download the developer documentation like drupaldocs.org? So then one need not be online all the time while developing for Drupal. I am sure many developer like me must be facing this problem, we do not have live connection all the time but want to develop Drupal module.

Any place for downloadble documentation?


Newbie stuff - "Advanced User Guide"

OK. I hope people take a look at this post. I recently posted: http://drupal.org/node/32977 - "A Newbie's Point of View" where I and some others lists complaints about the Drupal.org documentation. Well, this is my first attempt at answering those complaints. I'm going to submit a page to the handbook called "Advanced User's Guide" under Configuration & Customization in the handbook, and I want your input. Here's my rough draft of the text:

"You've installed Drupal and got it working. You're added a module or two, and maybe you're even changed the theme around. Now it turns out, you want to do more and adding modules or changing the options don't seem to cut it. Maybe you've found that things don't look quite like you want, or you want there to be more functionality in a particular module.

Specifically for Modules

If you have problems with a specific core module, a great place to start looking is the module handbook. Or, if you have an issue with a user made module, check out contributed modules handbook. Another place to look for issues or bugs in contributed modules is: Module downloads page. Click on "Find Out More" under your specific module, and then click on "View pending bug reports" or "View pending feature requests" under "Support" to see if someone has already addressed the issue. The next place to go is to the forums, and search for

PHPDocumentor Error "nothing parsed" by parsing module file

Hi All!
wrote a module for Drupal and want to generate the documentation with phpdoc. The problem is, i get Error "nothing parsed", because my file has extension *.module and the phpdocumentor means it isnt a php file. If i rename it to *.php then is OK.


How can i get phpdoc to parse *.module files?
Maybe exists some ini where i can extends parseractivity?

Thx for responce


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