How to know which functions are deprecated?

It would have been nice to know that
form_submit() was not going to be supported in 4.7
Where should I have been looking to have known this ahead of time?

Some lessons could be taken from the manuals which clearly mention what functions are deprecated, and which ones are preferred over others for efficiency reasons.

Possible job offer: how much to document the Drupal database schema?

I use Drupal for misc consulting consulting jobs and I've always been frustrated by the lack of database documentation.

Depending on how much money this would cost, I might be interested in paying someone to document the core tables in the Drupal database. If this were done, where should the db documentation go? As comments into in the database.mysql file? Or as a new subheading under the Handbook chapter Developing for Drupal?

Ben in DC
PublicMailbox at benslade dot com

Drupal Glossary needed

While I was reading the posts today, I come across this comment and It made me think that a glossary of the terms that is used in drupal would be very useful for those who are trying to learn drupal.

I have been reading the handbook's and the drupaldoc's pages for a long time. Although I've learnt a lot, It took me a lot of time and effort to get the meaning of some terms, name of some variables, database field names etc.

How do I configure doxygen to recognise *.module is PHP?

I've had success with your own drupaldocs site - which should also be titled "How to publish documentation for your own module" too. ... And made a requirement for publishing a module ;)

But I'm also trying to use doxygen - the real binary application (WinXP)

I've got it reading my *.module files, but it's parsing them wrong.

Exporting Documentation as Docbook

I might be asking a really stupid question but I am a newbie and I do not seem to find any other posts of users with the same problem. If I export a section of the handbooks as Docbook XML file and open it in OpenOffice 2.0 It shows me all document mark-up as well? What could I be doing wrong?

FAQ? What topics / posts do you think should go here?

I've read over and over in my short time using Drupal that we need an FAQ. I agree! Anyone interested in tackling this project with me? What items do you think should be in an FAQ?


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