How can i make a custom menu ?

hi, i need someone to help me that how can i make the custom menus or static pages and make there links on the home page !

Thanks .....

How can i make static pages in drupal ?

can anyone help me how can i make static pages in drupal which no user can write a comment towards can someone please help me ?

Thanks ....

Documentation for newbies (again.....)

I know this has been said many times before but it needs saying again. Documentation basically sucks and unless you/I are prepared to be either very patient or are very lucky, then finding things is a royal pain in the backside.

I'll admit to being new to Drupal, I accept it's a damned steep learning curve. I've got decent HTML, CSS and limited PHP skills - as I guess many have who turn up here.

The real problem is there's no way a newbie can realistically get beyond the kind of basics you'd find in a WordPress or EE without tearing their/my hair out trawling through these fora. OK, so Drupal is aimed more at the geek end of things. But even that's a poor excuse and as I trawl through posts, it's clear that even smart people struggle.

What's needed IMHO is a set of simple instructions that spell out:
1. Template structures - how they fit together, styling ground rules for Drupal and general 'shape' of Drupal sites
2. Taxonomy -how it works, what it does, its limitations and how to kick start your efforts.
3. Roles - how these work, the controls that can be put on different classes or user
4. Navigation - how to set up, how to hide from general view
5. A set of simple examples that illustrates each main point

This is not a complete list but would serve as a good start. In addition, this set of docs needs aggregating and putting somewhere central (I'd suggest Wkipedia - great resource, works very well for WP community) as well as prominently on the Drupal forums.

Anonymous handbook pages discourage contribution

Anonymous handbook pages suck, and I guarantee they are hurting the amount, if not the quality, of contributions to the handbook.

If someone takes the time to carefully craft valuable documentation, and then freely contribute it to the general public (including their competitors), they should be rewarded with a simple 'by' line.

Readme access from CVS

I often find myself digging through CVS in search of the readme file for a module I'm using (since I use Bryght to host my sites, I don't directly install the modules and therefore don't get the readmes in the process). Would it be possibel to add a direct link to the Readme file as part of the default structure of CVS module listings?

Taxonomy_Access: confusing documentation

The 4.6 tar ball for this module contains a folder named 4.5.2 which includes a taxonomy.access module and a taxonomy.patch. Very thoughtful.

However, it also contains another taxonomy.patch in the main folder, along with the .module and sql files. The README.txt says:

taxonomy.patch is a patch for 4.5.0 of taxonomy.module that makes sure users don't see or update to categories if they don't have the proper access.

Step 3 of the INSTALL.txt says:


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