possibility to apply different conditions than stipulated in GNU General Public Licence

In witch cases does nopCommerce considers the possibility to apply conditions stipulated in Article 10, particulary the possibility to apply different conditions than stipulated in GNU General Public Licence four part of the Program that will be incorporated into other programs?
Does the copyright notice removal refers to the notice of no waranty and the notice stating that I have changed the original program or by using copyright notice removal the only thing i can remove is the copyright notice and the no warranty and no original notice remains?

searching node titles with Search Form Block

Can I change my block search form to search for node titles instead of the body (or both) of the node please...
I read up on node_form_search_form_alter which sounds like it will work but very poor on my php skills
any recommendations or help will be very helpful and appreciated...thank you

Looking for developer

not needed

How to change coloumn width and paragraph in acqua marina theme

I'm using drupal 6 to build my site. I have so many problem designing my homepage with. check it for 'general checkout' at http://indonesiafamilytour.com
1. I'm unable to change the banner picture on the top (it happened one time, and never be able again to change it, also unable to edit its theme like placing logo, or omitting site's name. it says "The directory sites/default/files is not writable.

Taxonomy upgrade extras: 

Developing for Drupal - Printer-friendly version doesn´t work

A "Developing for Drupal - Printer-friendly version" doesn´t work.
Online documenation:
Can Drupal Documentation team fix this?
Thanks so much,

UPDATE: Printer-friendly version works again, thanks!


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