I want to new form in any module

I want to new form like (name ,email, message , category , product ) in any module plz help me

How to install webform module

I want to install webform module


how to start learning and with which languages we can use Drupal....

i so want to use it n learn it and make a Drupal based website

dba alter tables

Hello, Where I can find scripts toI alter the tables or organize their content with Database administrator?

Profile Module Dyanmic Combobox....


Using profile module i want to make combobox of Country and city. First country will populate after that corrsponding city...Plz help...

How to put this menu in drupal (is a menu with images)?

I need help to put the menu on this site, www.studentworld.ro, in drupal.
Now I'm working to put the entire site on drupal.... and this is my biggest problem till now.

my messenger id : dmgx2k5

Thank you.
Daniel G.


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