Clean URLs on Leopard?

Anyone yet know how to enable Clean URLs on Leopard? I'm using the included apache2 environment for development. The hosting company I use allows Clean URLs, so I'm using them with drupal, but when I upgraded from Tiger to Leopard, I switched from using XAMPP to trying the included apache2.

db table of node->body???


I am interesting in which table is saved the content of the node->body?? It is not the table node, therein is saved the title. I looked all tables, but I could not find, where in the data base is the body saved.

Do you know it??


A Basic Drupal How to For Beginners

We at Young Innovations Pvt. Ltd had recently jotted down a "Drupal How to for Beginners" which mainly deals with setting up a Drupal website and adding, editing some content. It is based on Drupal 5.2.I've uploaded the file in the location below, hope you people benefit from it. It is 90+ pages .pdf file with step by step explanation and screen-shots. Its 5.67 MB.

Step by step Drupal execution schema

I'm still trying to understand how Drupal works. Where I can find detailed step by step schema of Drupal execution for regular page? I mean, what Drupal do after it receives URL string, when it checks user authorisation, when it connects enabled modules, when it creates variables for node and when for blocks, when it applies themes and so on. It would be very helpful.

User Security Table Maintenance

I have taken over webmaster and maintenance functions for a Drupal website. Very little documentation from the initial designer exists. The website is hosted on GoDaddy. The designer set up secure access to several pages within the site. I have not been able to find out where that table exists or how to edit/maintain/upload the current login and password table. Any suggestions? thanks

Need Documentation for Drupal/QuickBooks/ Integration

Is there any documentation for Drupal/QuickBooks/ Integration? How do we go about finding information on this? Is there a group? email list? help!


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