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Accessing parent block label from menu.html.twig

Scenario: I have a custom menu, full of links defined by an end user.

It's inside a custom block, also defined by an end user.

The block has a title the user picked.

I need to have a variable in menu.html.twig that contains the title of the block, as picked by the user.

So, if Sally creates a block named "Avast!" and then places a menu inside it full of links to pirate-themed web sites, I want to be able to put something like {{ block_name }} into menu.html.twig, and have it result in the phrase "Avast!"

How to remove the div around the rendered entity ?

I want to display the rendered entity of a group in the TWIG of a node.

In my type of node, I have a field that refers to the rendered entity of the parent group node--article--menu.html.twig :

{{ content.group_content }}

Here is the contents of the TWIG file of the group, the node must render this code without additional markup group--personnel--node-menu.html.twig :

"My Account" missing label

I'm working on a custom Drupal 8.7.8 theme, and have run into an odd issue: the user name in the "My Account" item is missing. The user icon is present, just no text, and it is misaligned.  The source code is as follows:

	title="My account"
	class="toolbar-icon toolbar-icon-user trigger toolbar-item ally-focus-within"

I have removed some ARIA information and some data attributes for legibility.

How to print the group ID in TWIG ?

I installed the Group module on Drupal 8 :

If I add the code {{ }} in the TWIG of the group, it does not display the ID.

How to print the group ID in TWIG ?

Barrio Bootstrap wrong path

Hello! I use the Barrio Bootstrap  SASS Subtheme. I got an error, cause is wrong. The library directory is in sites. Whère can I fiix this?

How to Call Image from a Page or Product into Javascript

Hi, I am new to Drupal and decided to kind of jump in the deep end. I am developing a kind of portfolio site for myself using Threejs.

I am trying to call my featured image from a product, page, or post as well as the url to the page its located on, into javacript.

If someone could please point me in the right direction, that would be great. Thank you.


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