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Theme a paragraph entry on admin edit pages

I'm struggling to override the template on the admin interface for a content type. I'm going to need to do several modifications to the edit form to meet the editor's requirements, however, I seem to be unable to get this to override.

The page source gives me the following

CSS with entity reference field type

On this page I have a field called "Authored by" and the field type is Entity Reference. I'm trying to style it but I cant get it to sit inline like the other fields (which are field type Text). Rather the two field items sit on top of each other and push the following field to the right (as if it were float: left in CSS).

What I would like to have is something like this:

Authored by: Patricia Salazar Victòria Codina

Calling an external Twig file from a block.

In Drupal 7 I could create an external .php file and call it from inside a block by including the php file  

include_once("./".$theme_path ."/blocks/header_bar.php");

Is it possible to call an external twig file in Drupal 8 from a block? 



preprocess SCSS with Zen Theme on MS Server

hi to everyone. I'm very new. I'm german and apologies my english :/.

Is this possible? Maybe?

I think this might be related to theme development. TPL files seem to be involved in any case (but I am not certain by a long shot—I don't even know what I don't know, and don't even know how to diagnose the issues I'm having). Anyway, here goes:

I'm having some strange issues with D7 (D8 ain't an option right now, for reasons too complicated to get into here), and some module interactions and the way things get displayed.

Selecting only a specific type of CSS

I want to specify CSS for only the content of my website, but it doesn't work. Can someone correct my error(s)? Thanks!

a.content:link {
  color: yellow;


a.content:hover {
  color: red;

a.content:active {
  color: yellow;


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