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Managing and Overriding Sass in a Sub-Theme

I'm currently working on setting up a sub-theme from a theme that uses the Foundation framework. This parent theme has all it's CSS broken out into Sass partials with a settings.scss file that sets colors, fonts, etc. 

For the most part, the site that uses this sub-theme will need to look and feel exactly like the parent theme. However, I do need to override some of values set in the settings file.

Bootstrap new subtheme missing

Debian Buster

Apache 2.4

PHP 7.3.4-2

Drupal core 8.7.1

Bootstrap 8.x-3.19

Admin Toolbar 8.x-1.26

Coffee 8.x-1.0-beta2


I'm attempting to install a subtheme but, after going through the instructions, it's not appearing under "Appearance".  The instructions I'm using can be found here:!

Bootstrap 3 columns

I try to use the bootstrap 3 columns layout but can't figure out how to insert an image into a placeholder.
Someone who can help or send a link to a tutorial.


Approach for building static pages

I am using D8 and have many static pages rendering content. Each page can be separated into chunks of content running to the full width of the page containing images, text in HTML.

I am aware there are 2 approaches to build these kind of static pages in Drupal.

1. Put the HTML content for each page inside Body field of Basic page content type and leave them to generate the full HTML for each page.


drop-down list misplaced

Greetings to all. I happen to be a front end of a website, and I have the problem and that is a field with drop-down list, this is misplaced and displayed in the wrong place. I would like to know who can guide me in solving it.  In the url below, I share the images

1- text box

2- drop-down list

Agradezco toda la ayuda que me puedan proporcionar.

Having trouble adding theme suggestions for "container"

I'm trying to add theme suggestions for "container" and it's adding the suggestions to the list, but its not using the suggestions I put in.  I've triple checked the file name, tried several directories in the themes template folder and still it won't load the file.


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