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Regions not showing in block regions demonstration section.

I'm trying to add more regions to a sub theme (barrio).

I have added the region to the region section 

  main_header: 'Main header'

in the _page.html.twig file I added:

        {% if page.main_header %}
        <div class="container-fluid">
          <div class="row">
            {{ page.main_header }}
        {% endif %}

The region is appearing on the structure/block page. 

Import configuration file



I am currently making a theme for drupal 8. I would like when someone installs my theme, to automatically install the content types and data that is required to run the theme properly. For example, my main slider relies on a certain content type and data to run. I need when my theme is installing to install those as well.

So mostly I need to know how to run drupal console commands upon theme installation so that I can import with configuration management.

Theme like Box_Grey (..from Drupal 6)


Does anyone know of a Drupal 8 theme, like Box_grey from Drupal 6 (..using boxed side navigation bars)?  Thanks.


How to change the text of the comment reply link


I am developing a theme for a drupal site and I would like to make a small change in how comments are displayed.

I would like to change the text of the comments reply link: "reply" to "reply to comment's_user_name".

This means that if John had commented on my article and I want to respond to his comment, the link will display "Reply to John".

I think it will necessarily be done with pre-processing methods, but everything I've done so far has failed.

How can I do that, please?

Thank you to answer me.


Change Bootstrap social links icons from HTTP to HTTPS

Hello everybody,

I'm currently working on a website that needs to be changed from HTTP to HTTPS.

But I've realized that my social media links icons (facebook and instagram), still refers to HTTP links.

But I don't know where to go, to change these links.

My theme is a a Bootstrap Sub-theme. 

Thanks in adavance for your help.

Regions on appearing properly

So I was looking at the region definition of my theme and I found that the regions are not appearing properly. For instance, the sidebar is not displaying on the left side of the page; but instead it is displaying just below my content region. Below is a snippet of my page.html.twig file.


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