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Twig saves not changing on local live reload?

Maybe I'm not phrasing that right. I'm very new to D8, but have a lot of experience with D7. I've got a local dev environment running off a Pantheon install. I'm using Codekit, MAMP and VSC... which I've been running D7 on for quite a while. 

I can get Sass compiles to refresh on the live reload (no cacheing), but when I save a twig file I have to push it to the pantheon server and flush caches to get it to refresh the source code locally.

I'm obviously missing something in one of my theme files, or somewhere in sites/default. Can anyone lend some insight?

How to display a text if the product belongs to a store of defined type ?

I have a Drupal 8 site with Drupal Commerce 2

I have a template for my product commerce-product--produit--full.html.twig

I have 2 types of store (1 and 2). I want that when the product is in a type 2 store, it displays the text "test".

If the product is in a type 1 store, it displays nothing.

How do I do this in TWIG ?

{% if ??? %}
{% endif %}

Drupal 8 bootstap barrio center bannerslider howto

I have a drupal 8 version site (work on progress) and added a bannerslider in the top-header region.
and nothing in the left and right region in the top.

How can I center the Image above the side (now it is alligned left
Tried several bootstrap tricks but with no succes fo far

Google Translate changes HTML - Removes link

Hi there,

I have recently developed a website for my local council, and am having some trouble getting Google's online translate feature to work on a specific portion of it.

The website currently uses Bing translate successfully, but the business have asked to move to Google translate as my local area has a large population of people who speak languages not supported by Bing Translate.

Custom Theme and Layout Builder

I've got a custom theme that I'm using on multiple sites, the issue is I'm trying to incorporate Layout Builder and when I add a custom block that has a twig file it will not allow me to edit or delete the block. I found that some out of the box themes have patches but there is nothing that I can find for getting this to work if you have a custom theme. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this to work with my custom theme?

Upgrading D7 to D8, cannot use jquery from core or theme breaks

Upgrading site from D7 to D8. No custom modules. This is my base libraries.yml file.

  version: VERSION
      css/cheslalitportal.css: {}
      css/icomoon.css: {}
      css/cheslacustom.css: {}
   - core/jquery

When everything is enabled


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