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STICKY: Theme development forum guidelines

The theme development forum was created to aid those who are developing themes for Drupal. This forum is not for issues you may be having with contrib themes. Issues with contrib themes should be placed in the issue queue of the theme in question. Please respect this.

If you you have drupal installed already and are seeking a theme, have a question about a specific theme and what it does or if it will fit your use case, please place your questions in the Post installation forum.

How to create left side taxonomy menu trails for specific page?

I have a page name project under this i want to create a menu trails on left side like

  • Web development projects
    • web project 1
  • Desktop Projects
    • desktop project 1

In the right-hand side when i click on web project 1 menu the content open. I want this menu only for this specific page

Show all articles from same author

Let's say I have a blog with several authors/users who publish articles and, when the user clicks on the author, I want to display all articles from that author (without using views nor taxonomy. Or do I need to use taxonomy?).

Could anyone guide me through this?

Thanks :)

Customize Drupal Content results

I need to move objects rendered by Drupal into a different area.

Using Drupal 7.5, the sarnia and views modules i have gotten content from SOLR to show in Drupal via mytheme/page.tpl.php with

Program a View Block to Appear on a Specific Node

I have a Content type COURSES which displays basic static information for a course: Title, Course Number and Course Description.

I also have a content type COURSE OFFERINGS that references the content type COURSE using an Entity Reference field. Each Course Offering displays specific information based on the Semester offered: Instructor, Date, Time, Location, etc. These variable all change based on semester.

Can't Place Blocks?

So I'm having an issue where I can't place blocks in my custom theme. I just updated to 8.2.1 this morning, but have never been able to print the blocks. It's a brand new install of D8.


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