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Grid view for YouTube embed content


At my church, we regularly upload videos to YouTube and embed them in our site (currently wordpress). I want a page to show them in a grid view or list view with a thumbnail from the video which I can upload.

I am a beginner and have multiple questions:
1. Which content type should I use for this? (I am only embedding the video not hosting)
2. How do I dedicate a page to show these videos in the grid view with thumbnails

I am currently using the Bootstrap template.


Views result: more fields in one div

<div class="viewsrow">
<div class="photo_field"><img src="photo.jpg"></div><!--end of photo_field div -->
<div class="description_field">	
<h6 class="time_field">za 24 juni 20.15</h6>
<h3 class="title_field">Title </h3>
<p>Description will stay here. Description will stay here.
Description will stay here.Description will stay here.
Description will stay here.</p>
<h5 class="price_field">euro:7</h5>
</div><!--end of description_field div -->

How to customize the exposed form in a View?

Hi all,
I'd like to change the layout of the exposed form of a View in Drupal8.
The fields of the form now appear in a single column, I'd like to have a form with two columns.
Which is the best way to do this?

How to show an image as thumbnail?

Hi guys,
I'm modifying the template views-view-fields.html.twig in a custom theme (in Drupal8).

In this template, I'd like to show an image-field not in its full size but as a thumbnail or in a smaller size.
Is it possible?
How should I change this code?

{{ fields.field_photo.content}}

Thank you very much.


DIVs around <label> and <input>

I need to add DIVs around and tags for each form element in a custom form for theming purposes. I can do it in theme_form_element() function, however it will change the tags for all forms. Please suggest an approach to do it for a specific form.


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