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STICKY: Theme development forum guidelines

The theme development forum was created to aid those who are developing themes for Drupal. This forum is not for issues you may be having with contrib themes. Issues with contrib themes should be placed in the issue queue of the theme in question. Please respect this.

If you you have drupal installed already and are seeking a theme, have a question about a specific theme and what it does or if it will fit your use case, please place your questions in the Post installation forum.

The exact opposite As we grow up

The exact opposite As we grow up, we lose the ability to invest in the process and we attar investment in the outcome. By definition, the outcome is outside of our control. And if that's where Brain Peak we spend all our emotional energy, we are going to get drained as we do us if, on the other hand, we said: "Here are the outcomes. I am going to invest in the process and give it every single bit I can. ", Every day is a blast, and you are well on your way to achieve the Vision That I Outlined to you.

What is the best way to learn drupal module development?

Hi everyone,
I'm newbie in here. I have some experience with WordPress, I know something about web design, CSS, HTML and PHP. But I don't know how to learn Drupal the right way. Can anyone give me an advice?

Sort Webform submission results with granularity using a page template

The project was to create a way to sort Webform results from two different Webforms that relate to each other. The user needed the ability to quickly compare results from two forms by department using an overview. This approach is a bit less labor intensive than using Views. The advantage is less time developing styles for content output via views.

Language choices option in the template


I would like to ask your help.

I used the Internationalization modul.

I want to create a new template file "views-view--blog.tpl.php" and I plan that I will take an option "language choices option".

I resolved that the current language is look:

main page

Hi, How can I make photo menu overly main page, as on the picture


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