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Twig debugging problem


I've read that to activate twig debugging you have copy to the default directory, rename it to, remove: 

  http.response.debug_cacheability_headers: true

and add:

    debug: true
    auto_reload: true
    cache: false

at the end of the file.

theme install preprocess

is there a function that allows to do something whenever a theme is installed?

for example, I want to generate a content whenever a theme is installed.

D8 block twig configuration

I want to show the D8-based blocks in the block.html.twig file with the <aside> html tag only. However, when I entered this special split file, I created a special branch file for each block area (eg region--sagblok.html.twig), block title and content css, html codes. Unfortunately, the block titles did not appear.

print screen:

Sorry for my English.

Theme Customize

Hi All,

Anyone of you here knows how to add meta description to my page?


Drupal 8 - sorting an array of nodes by custom field - uasort - ordering nodes - sortByWeight

I am trying to organise, an array called $nodes, by a field within the nodes called node_order.

$this->query = $this->query->condition($field, 'EXISTS')->sort($field, 'DESC');

But with no luck.

Now I am looking at:

uasort($nodes, ['Drupal\Component\Utility\SortArray', 'field_node_order.value', 'sortByWeightElement']);

Were can I set the Weight for these pages, as all the child pages are created using the same template type, so I need a way to assign weight to each node. 


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