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Drupal 8 : Big problem to see my block from a view


I am friendly with Drupal 7 but Drupal 8 makes me sick.
I have two big problem and I think that I am not alone.
I've created a view for a block but I can't see it : I have an error message : Template "core/modules/views/views-view-fields.html.twig" is not defined ().

The other problem is the upload and display of the pictures with CKEditor. Nothing appears. My PHP config is ok. With Drupal 7, everything was OK. In the block, same problem, no pictures. Everything that I've tried NO picture appear in my website.

Please help me I am going crazy !

field--node--field-fieldname.twig.html need some help


i´m using D8 and i need some help with my field--node--field-fieldname.twig.html
I want that my field is only shwon for logged in users, so i tested:

{{logged_in}} and {{is_admin}}

these variables are ever 1, so i think i do not get the right variables, or i can not use them.

I want to do it like this:

Customizing tools menu

In drupal exists the file "menu.html.twig" that manages all menus (i.e : administration, account-menu, ...).

i want to customize only the tools menu and change its graphic (styles and css).
If i modify the "menu.html.twig" (in my subtheme), the modifies involve also the others menu (administration...).

How can i just customize only the tools menu leaving the other ones unmodified?

Drupal to generate pdf of the product configurator on website

We are using drupal to make a website product configurator, the last step is to generate these results into pdf. But we came the problem that 1. we are not able to put our company contact info at top of the each page, only the first page, 2. the pictures are cut of two part when the previous page has not got enough space, so leave the other part in the next page.
We have alrady contact Adobe, so they think this problem can be fixed with the software which generating the pdf. not pdf's issue.
So please help, if you have any idea regarding this.

drupal rendering

From where does render() function call the html element or where to render() in drupal 7 ?


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