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Block template is not extending in custom theme

  1. Created a testing twig templates in the same folder.
  2. Written down the code definition of block in testing block template.
  3. Called the extends in the article template for inheriting the testing block template content.
  4. And finally the error is coming "A template that extends another one cannot have a body"

Any Suggestion where am i going wrong.

A Href in .Theme Hosing Site



Hey all,

Looking to wrap a set of divs with an a href referring to the resource URL. Doing so currently hoses our entire site. Thoughts?

Template overriding not working...

Having twig debug mode enabled; Am trying to override the template file of node type "article"Image 1
I had done the changes and added the file as per theme suggestion in my own custom theme but the changes are not reflecting (it is still taking template file from my base theme); I had rebuild the cache after doing changes.
Image 2
Any suggestion where am going wrong

Display multiple image of a field in content / node in grid view


I'm working on a website using Drupal 8 with Gavias Sandbro theme. Currently I want to make photo album. I have a content with image field that supports multiple images to be loaded working together with colorbox. Unfortunately the image is displayed in vertical views which I want to be in grid view, I already refer to this post and try to add custom css but didn't work likely because of different version of drupal.

The source output is as follow:

Print individual fields from Node Reference field in node template - Drupal 7

I've done a lot of googling and can't figure out how to do this.

I have a content type, Course, which uses a node reference field to pull in another content type, Faculty. We are using custom node templates for each of these content types.


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