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Virtue Theme

In the Virtue Theme, there is two homepage layouts style 1 and 2 Virtue Theme
how to use style two?

thx a lot
Virtue user

Change footer Bartik Theme


For my first D8 site i use the Bartik theme which is fine. In page.htm.twig i deleted the fifth footer, because I don't need it. But now i see on pges with little content that the footer is veryr huge. It looks that the page has a minimum height somewhere. Is there a way to change it? And where i must do that?


Control output of a view?


I have a view that outputs blog entries.

How can I control how the posts are styled?

I have tried setting fields on the view settings but it doesn't work ( I don't know if I am doing something wrong or what.

What would be the best way to do this? Would it be possible to create a TWIG template and somehow have the content be in a loop that will output it how I want it somehow like:



I'm working with Drupal 7 and AT Commerce Theme. I've installed Superfish menu succesfully.

Now, I wanna erase the ancient EMPTY BOX menu bar AT commerce, to show only my new Superfish menu.

How can I do it????

Thanks a lot for your time.

Cannot Configure LESS Preprocessor Engine

I've installed and enabled:

  • LESS Preprocessor Module
  • Libraries API Module

I've installed the current version of less.php downloaded from github in

  • sites/all/libraries/lessphp/less.php

But when I go to select the less.php Preprocessor engine I get this message:

Missing - Click vendor link above to read installation instructions.

I'm stuck. Any ideas?


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