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The theme development forum was created to aid those who are developing themes for Drupal. This forum is not for issues you may be having with contrib themes. Issues with contrib themes should be placed in the issue queue of the theme in question. Please respect this.

If you you have drupal installed already and are seeking a theme, have a question about a specific theme and what it does or if it will fit your use case, please place your questions in the Post installation forum.

Why module and not theme

Hi all,

Ok so my only experience of using CMS is wordpress. Its pretty quick and easy to install and setup by simply donwloading a theme and configuring it. So for Drupal, I have tried to find a property theme but to no avail. Instead I noticed you can get property modules instead! (surprising) so now I am very confused, can someone explain to me how this works? So does that mean I can install any theme and then install the property module? If so, what theme should I choose?

A confused soul

Thank you


How to display the form fields of content type in a table using custom template file?

I have created a content type Article including the fields Field 1, Field 2, Field 3 ......

All these fields have multiple values. I also created the custom template for this content type.

template variables

hi there,

I am starting out with template development and I ran into troubles defining a variable for my template.

What i'm trying to do is very simple (I thought):

  • I want to define a variable while preprocessing
  • Then I want to show that variable through page.tpl.php

I have been searching around the forums but now I'm even more confused. I am afraid I mixed up drupal 6 & 7 examples.

I thought that if I defined this function in template.php:

Set breadcrumbs for taxonomy pages

The page template used for taxonomy terms doesn't display the breadcrumb trail as shown by menu_get_active_breadcrumb(). As far as I have seen, it never displays anything but Home. On our development site we can see that menu_get_active_breadcrumb() has a proper menu breadcrumb trail that's not being used.

Themes and Sub Themes



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