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How to use a custom Twig template to render "Add new comment form"?


I want to use a custom Twig template to render the "Add new comment" form.

However, this form is built with a LazyBuilder which I think do not allow me to suggest a new template.

I don't manage to tell Drupal to use my custom twig file to render the form.

In a form_alter, I dump the $form['#theme'] to see which suggestions are available by default. Here's the result:

LiveReload is currently enabled but could not be loaded.


After installing Drupal and Omega i got this error

LiveReload is currently enabled but could not be loaded. Please ensure that livereload.js is being served at the configured path (http://localhost:35729/livereload.js?snipver=1).

I searched on the web and found this solution :

drush omega-guard

I executed this command but it asked me to install Ruby:

Volcano - twig - theming - d8

Can anyone please tell me how i can in D8 add list items (social icons) to footer programatically?

Comment Reply Form

Helo, i have been develop with Drupal for some time and now i need render the comment reply form on the same page where comments are and hide some custom fields that i add to the comments. I know how to change the comment add form my custom comment-wrapper.tpl.php but don't see where Drupal render the reply form.

Appreciate some help.

Superfish sub-indicators not loading

I have a D8 site with a theme based on Bootstrap.
I'm using Superfish for the main menu, and all is well - except that the little arrow indicator triangles that show that an item has a submenu aren't showing - but this only happens in Chrome.
They work fine in Safari and Firefox.
The triangles are implemented in an :after pseudo-selector like so:


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