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Javascript library not loading CSS

Hi everyone. I'm new to Drupal and it's theme development. I am wanting to add in the Remodal jQuery library and have it active site wide, but I don't it to be a module. My questions are:

1) If I use drupal_add_library, do I need to create a module with the hook_library? I didnt' use this, just wondering.

2) Currently I have this in my template.php with the remodal library in my sites/all/libraries/remodal:

Excluding Node from search results


We're developing a theme where the content the user can see is depending on a choice he made when visiting the site. The Search results alsoe need to be trimmed depending on that choice.

I created a function theme_preprocess_search_result(&$variables) that verifies that the user can see the node or not:

create category and subcategory menu on the left sidebar

I need a category, subcategory and subbactegory based solution for example

  • Project
    • Web project
      • Project 1
      • Project 2
    • Desktop project
      • Project 1
      • Project 2

Project 1 (when i click this then content appear on right side)
Project 2 (when i click this then content appear on right side)
Desktop project

How to modify parts position from a teaser?

Hello everyone,

I have just started "playing" with Drupal and I find it really great! Most of the functions are very intuitive and easy. However there is sometimes a point when it is necessary some help.

I have created a new content type. User must post some text through a form. Everythings works fine. But, on the teaser view of the page, the position of the links are before the body, what looks no good:

Teaser view

On the complete view of the post, everything looks fine:

How to check if views row image field is empty and add class if is

So i know i should do it using function template_preprocess_field. But not sure exactly how didnt used debug before. If anyone can please help :) Thanks in advanced.


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