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Caching Issue

Hi All,

Really weird thing is happening. I work as a Web Developer for an Communication agency.

I am working mainly in Drupal, but due to the nature of our industry there is a lot of peer checking and back/forth to clients.

With this I am receiving issues where I am making changes, but they aren't being seen by others. I know this is probably a cache... I this is definitely a cache issue, but I need a way to resolve this.

Is there some kind of module or browser add-on that can be downloaded to avoid this issue going forwards.

Kind regards,


Declaring a Term Reference field

is there a special way I need to declare a term reference field into a variable? I'm using:

$vars['property_type'] = field_view_field('node', $node, 'taxonomy_sapphire_property_type');

and trying to display it in the tpl with:

bartik preprocess page works with warning.

In bartik_process_page i've added this suggestion to customize "contact" pages.

if ($variables['node']->type == 'contacts') {
  drupal_add_css(drupal_get_path('theme', 'bartik') . '/css/contacts.css');

It works but when i go out of "contact" pages i get this warning:

Genesis Theme 7.x-1.1 - Making it Mobile-Friendly

We use Genesis theme, the current xhtml version 7.x-1.1, for our site ( It's an older theme, and with the current emphasis on making sites mobile friendly, we had some decisions to make. We've been looking at shifting to a newer theme, responsive and html5, but it's quite a task to put old wine into new wineskins.

Is Drupal Commerce compatible with Bartik Theme?

I would assume so since it is the default Drupal theme.

Would like to confirm though.



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