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taxonomy tag link position change

Drupal 8, Picture Reloaded theme (based on Adaptive Theme), test site . I would like to move the taxonomy tag link, which currently is under the page title, to just above the footer.
The taxonomy tag is not rendered via any block, neither can it's position be set through any admin settings. Will I have to delve into advanced theming procedures in order to implement this?

html.twig: using JavaScript/jQuery

I like to use jQuery in twig templates.
What im trying is to retrieve values from textfields like {{ content.body }}

My first idea was to write script tags in the template "node--yamlform.html.twig"
and assign the values to variables like

var temp = "{{ content.body }}";

But that doesn't work.
I can't go out of the script tags to change something.
Is there a way to do that in the template file?

Thanks for your help!

breadcrumbs not working correctly in Drupal 8, w Adaptive Theme & Picture Reloaded

I have a problem with the breadcrumbs not displaying correctly in a Drupal 8 test site, with Picture Reloaded theme 8.x-1.0-rc1.

How to assign blocks to particular regions on theme install in Drupal 8?

I'm creating a new custom theme for Drupal8, based on classy theme
I have 4 regions in MY_THEME

       header: 'Header'
       content: 'Content'
       footer: 'Footer'
       hidden_block: 'Hidden Blocks'

I don't need some blocks, such as Search, Powered by Drupal, Footer menu, User account menu and etc. I use region 'Hidden blocks' to place unused blocks into it. I saw this method in drupal8_zymphonies_theme.

Overwriting Page--type is not working

Hello guys, recently i'm working with Drupal 8 to develop my page.
But then i struggle on how to overwrite the page--(type).

I've been doing it with Drupal 7 and it works just easy just by creating a file that named page--(type).tpl.php
BUt then in drupal 8 i follow this ( and it still not working.


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