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STICKY: Theme development forum guidelines

The theme development forum was created to aid those who are developing themes for Drupal. This forum is not for issues you may be having with contrib themes. Issues with contrib themes should be placed in the issue queue of the theme in question. Please respect this.

If you you have drupal installed already and are seeking a theme, have a question about a specific theme and what it does or if it will fit your use case, please place your questions in the Post installation forum.

page--node--1.html.twig not rendering


I am having a page--node--1.html.twig additionally to the page.html.twig. I want that page variant of the theme to be rendered for sitepath/node/1. but it ist not applied.

Also tried
function qsysdesktop_theme_suggestions_page_alter(array &$suggestions, array $variables) {
$node = $variables['node'];
$nodeid = $node->nid;
if( $nodeid == 1 )
$suggestions[] = 'page__node__1';

Change theme for add & edit node

Hello to all I have set as a default personal theme (theme 1), as Administration theme I set seven.
Now I would like users to edit and create a particular type of content use another theme (theme 2).
How can I do?

PHPStorm Live Edit and Drupal

Someone has already run integration with Drupal, Chrome and Phpstorm live edit? I tried everything but nothing was effective.

What hierarchy is used for theme functions in Drupal 7? Any way I can override that hierarchy?

I maintain a module ( that uses a theme function to change the status messages that D7 displays in certain contexts.

The module works fine except when the Omega theme is used. When Omega is running, it also uses a theme function to change Drupal's status messages, and the function that my module defines is not run.

Base theme for minimalist development


I want to develop a minimalist D8 theme and I would like to know which base theme should I use. Any suggestion?


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