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How do i do to remove fieldset wrapping form elements?

i need a hand about this particular (tricky) subject about Drupal 8. How to alter form in such way to remove those annoying fieldsets wrapping everything: radios buttons, checkboxes, addressField .. ? if possible globally, not necessarily addressing a particular fieldset in particular form.

Drupal 8, by its default internal process of rendering Forms, use (unnecessary) many nested containers to wrap and structure from elements which absolutely makes the html output little bit complicated when it comes to work with css frameworks (Bootstrap 4 in my case)

[Solved] Get parent name when printing child menu items


I am trying to write a twig file to print menu (main--menu.html.twig). My menu and sub-menu links are showing, but I need to get the name of the menu item after I get into

{% macro submenu_links(items, attributes, menu_level) %}
  {% import _self as menus %}

Say I have Menu structure like 


-- BMW

-- Toyota

- Bikes

-- Harley

-- Yamaha

How to override Search Form template to fit the html markup of Bootstrap 4 grouped inputs component ?

Hi all; 

i'm straggling with how to override the default template of the 'Search Form' (and the Search Form Block - same approach i guess) so to fit the html markup grouped inputs of Bootstrap 4

have a look at this default D8 html output of Search Form:

Drupal 8 view slideshow with multiple content and size

Hello everybody!
I'm trying to create a slideshow with view containing a single slide with 5 content (image + title) as in the image:

The different contents must be responsive (bootstrap grid) and different sizes, i tested view slideshow, owl carousel but with no results.

Any suggestions? :)

Regions not showing up when creating a new theme

I am trying to port a Drupal 7 theme to Drupal 8. However, as I'm trying to convert the theme over to Drupal 8, I notice that some of the regions do not show up when I "demonstrate block regions". Here is what my .info.yml file looks like:

menu (with made menu token) is not working on views page

I have a menu(working with menu token), this is working every page, but this is not working on views page (does not appear on the views page). How can I show on views page? external links are working but not in-site links are visible.



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