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Open a second block by clicking a link on the first block (linking blocks)


The front page of my website looks something like this:

Each of the links is a content type.

I want to click the links (displayed on the block on the left hand-side) and open a block that displays some information (other links) related to the content type.

How can I open another block by clicking a link on the existing block?

Something like this:

Problems with the Barrio SASS subtheme


I have problems with styling the Barrio SASS Subtheme. I copied the Subtheme and changed some filenames and entries as described in the available documentation.

So, I make changes at the style.css, run gulp at my lcoal machine and upload the file via ftp. For example I change the H1 color. At the variables.scss I change $accent-shade to the desired color, because im the style.scss  I have "h1 {color: $accent-shade;}". This works.

But I do not understand why in the browser console the value comes from style.scss and not from the style.css?

Include JS and CSS into custom page


I'm not original developer of the site but trying to solve this problem. I have a custom content type (lets call it my-page) so I was able to set up a Colorbox for Image field within this content type. So normaly when I open /node/1234 which is this type everythng works.


What is the purpose of {{page.content}}

I see that Bartik and Classy use this piece of code on page.html.twig.

      <section class="section">
        <a id="main-content" tabindex="-1"></a>
        {{ page.content }}

What is the purpose of {{page.content}} and tabindex? It is mandatory to use it when I develop a custom theme?


Logo with Transparent background logo

Hi there - apparently my CSS, and so skills are very rusty. Anyway I am trying to add a logo, with a transparent background, but apparently the Batik theme, the background is inheriting #ffffff, as I understand - but regardless of where I edit in the CSS, the logo pops up with a white background and not the transparent, so the gradient behind is not visible. 

Can anyone show me, where to edit the CSS, or how to make the background transparent, and not white? (preffered before I toss my laptop out of the window)


Help with the bootstrap_barrio theme?

The topic has not been updated for almost a year, when I give rights to edit the nodes, with the barrio theme, the layout looks awful help fix when I used the bootstrap3 theme.
When I go to the node editing page, by the user. How to change a button and its position. I turned on debug, saw the path form-element-label.html.twig, but when it was replaced from bootstrap3 theme, the button remained in "()"


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