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Problems with tables in the body by using Drupal 8 W3CSS Theme


I have problems when I include tables into a body in a basic page in Drupal 9. They don't fit to the page when I change the size of the window, they come off the edges, into other block (right sidebar for instance), while the text is justified perfectly...I am using the theme Drupal 8 W3CSS Theme 8.x-1.19 that it is responsive.

Some advice?



Contact form with url from page it was sent

Hello, how to create custom contact form "ask about this product", and when email comes, it shows that url, from wich it was sent?

Thank you

How to access paragraph reference field value on taxonomy term page?


In my taxonomy term I have a field called paragraph reference which the field type is Entity reference revisions and is referencing to the paragraphs I have created. On this taxonomy term page I just want to access this field and print the paragraphs. When I use devel I see these values but I have tried almost everything but cannot seem to access the field in page--taxonomy--term.html.twig .  These are the following things that I have tried but getting no result:

{% for item in content.field_paragraph_reference %}

Why does adding this suggestion stop my custom template being detected?

I've made a custom block type and I'm trying to make a template for it that works for all instances of it.  I've added suggestions like this:

How do I open 2 menu when I click on a button ?

On this page there is a "Lancer une recherche" button :

I would like that when I click on it it automatically opens the menu at the top left and also the menu with the magnifying glass icon.

How can I do this ? My site is built with Drupal 8 and Bootstrap 4.

Implement module features though theme

We are working on a website - we want to provide the theme(front-end UI) also want to implement some backend features with theme only. Is it possible ?

Use case: We are building a theme for a Critical Website. We want to create custom content type for our Website project. This can be implemented easily through Module. But we want to implement this only thgouh the theme. 

Is the above scenario possible. 

Along with the above requirement - we are looking for to create(implement) module features only through theme(is it possible). 


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