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Help implementing draggable tables on an existing node create form

The original approach was incorrect since modifying the Drupal table was complex and difficult to be implemented as it is.

The approach I ended up taking was to create a custom dynamic javascript table with the jQuery UI sortable table plugin attached to it, and filling a Drupal table field with the values of that dynamic table. This way the developer has better control over the behavior of the table without having to change the underlying Drupal table behavior.

How to add Google Fonts locally with Bootstrap SASS ?

I have a Drupal 8 site and Bootstrap 3 theme (SASS)

I use the following Bootswatch theme on my site :

There are these 2 lines in the file :

    $web-font-path: ",700,400italic" !default;
    @import url($web-font-path);

I used this site to download the corresponding Google Fonts archive :

How to install Awesome Font Locally with Bootstrap for Drupal ?

I have a site with Drupal 8.7 and Bootstrap 3.4.1 in SASS.

I have created a Bootstrap SASS subtheme, I want to host Font Awesome locally.

I downloaded and decompressed the archive at this address :

In the directory of my subtheme :


If I go to my site, the Awesome Font does not work.

How to use Bootswatch theme with Bootstrap for Drupal ?

I have a site with Drupal 8.7 and Bootstrap 3.4.1 in SASS.

To create my subtheme, I followed this tutorial :

How to add the theme "Flatly" in my subtheme ?

Which file should I download and where should I put them in my sub theme :

Bootstrap 4 theme that utilizes the new D8 Layout Builder?

So I am converting one of my D7 sites to D8 and have decided to go all in on using the new layout builder. I think it's really awesome and will be great for our content editors. I'm wondering if anyone is aware of any themes on the marketplace anywhere that already come with some layout builder layouts perhaps using Bootstrap or even better some custom block types and TWIG templates that I could then embed predefined widgets already styled in the themes style into layout builder.

Bootstrap Newbie Question

Have fresh Drupal 8 install with Bootstrap 3 and sub-theme created as per:

Have a couple articles listed in the homepage in <div class="views-row">. As per above tutorial, I'm taking variable from bootstrap/assets/stylesheets/bootstrap/_variables.scss and customizing them in scss/_default-variables.scss

Just trying to put a border on this class but having a hard time figuring out where exactly to do it.


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