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How to change 2 contents with a tab ?

I have a Drupal 8 site and Bootstrap 4.

On my page I have 2 tabs that change the block when clicked.

The first tab displays a single block, but the second tab displays 2 blocks.

The pills-public-tab tab should display :

{{ drupal_view('message_activity_stream_timeline_public', 'block_1') }}

The pills-private-tab tab should display :

twig to check value of field

Hi Folks

I am trying to check a value that is returned in the view-view-fields--classes--block-1.html.twig page

I have the page override working the way I want but Im stuck with two things actually that I am hoping you can assist with.

1. I want to change what is displayed based on the fields value, I've tried the following which I thought should work but doesn't 

How to scroll a modal window on Bootstrap ?

I have a site with Drupal 8 and Bootstrap 3

I created a custom module to display a page in a modal window. The page contains a lot of text and I want it to have a scrollbar on the modal window.

How can I do this ? Here is the code of my module and the information I found :

Why does the animation not work if I change pages ?

I have a Drupal 8 site with Bootstrap 3 theme.

I created a homepage with a newsfeed. Whenever there is a publication on the site, it generates a message in the newsfeed. The messages can have the status read or unread.

I want that when the .action-flag class is in the page, an animation is applied on the logo of the site.

The CSS and JS file is included on all pages of the site.

The .action-flag class is only on the home page, when a message is not marked as read.

correct path to a node edit form

Can anyone tell me why this isn't working please, I ve read all the naming convention stuff

I have node--alive.html.twig (Which works as expected) to edit the view of my node page for entity type alive

I now want to theme the whole edit page, but I can't figure out the correct twig template

I have tried

page--node--alive--edit.html.twig (The recommended one as far as I can tell)



neither get picked up (I am clearing the cache)

Removing bold from text

I have an accordion view where all the text is showing up as bold. I think I have just looked at this for too long and as such am missing the styling that is causing it. I've tried a bunch of solutions, but none thus far have fixed the issue.

Thanks for any help you can give!


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