Drupal 7 - Add nofollow attribute to views pager links

We have a Drupal 7 site where we need to add nofollow to pager links.
Currently, we are using the following code but it only adds rel="nofollow" to next pages but we need this applied to all pager links.

Please don't comment suggesting other solutions, we specifically need the nofollow attribute (no we don't want to noindex, or block with robots.txt or rel=next/prev).


Hello, I want to install module that is (number of download).

Redirect to Facebook Messenger with an attached msg?

I don't know if this is the appropiate place to ask this kind of question

Missing Manage Fields and Manage Display tabs

We upgraded our Drupal to 7.54 and several modules to their current version.

When I go to admin/structure/menu, I see links for Manage Fields and Manage Display (this is not where they are on the production server) but when I click on them, it says You are not authorized to access this page. And I am logged in as the root admin.

I am also missing the Manage Fields and Manage Display tabs in admin/structure/menu/manage/main-menu. Is this found elsewhere now?

Dartmouth Alumni Relations

Dartmouth alumni screen shot on ipad

Dartmouth graduates maintain an especially robust relationship with their alma mater. Alumni devote an extraordinary amount of time and talent to the institution, and Dartmouth’s relationship with its alumni is highly regarded in the world of higher education.

Dartmouth College’s Alumni Relations department wanted a new website that better presented the opportunities offered by the association to its constituents (both engaged and potential) in a more compelling and modern manner.

Organizations involved: 

Insert blocks in an especfic type of content?

I'm trying something new with any type of content in my website
For example... actually if I enter to any node of my website, the info displayed is only:

- Header (Title)
- Navigation Bar
- Node Content
- Footer


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