Dynamic Views cache


We must find a method so that a view list can be updated, without waiting cache flush, when the status or field value of one of its content has changed.
Therefore the view has to be directly impacted during the submission of the node.
Of course, the cache of the website has to remain enable.

Thank's for your help.

Media module to search for images based on tags

Hi team,

Using the Media module https://www.drupal.org/project/media (which allows to select images from the server), can we search an already-uploaded image based on some taxonomy terms associated with it? I can see it allows searching based on file names only. Can someone please help asap?


Drupal 7.x using Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.5

Is anyone using PXC for backend database? If so, are you aware of or have you implemented any special DB configuration for use of Drupal 7.x with PXC? i.e. specific parameter/variable settings

We've had several instances of a deadlocking issues involving the drupal semaphore table.

I have seen some mentions of using MyISAM or other engine type for this table, but PXC relies on the use of InnoDB engine for tables for replication.

Any advise and/or insight would be much appreciated.

Scott Haas

Can I upgrade from Drupal 7.37 to Drupal 7.53 directlly?

I want to ignore all the Drupal 7.4x etc and directly from current 7.37 to Drupal 7.53.

Is that allowed or a big risk to do it?

Change order render elements in the page.

Hi, I have a problem, In a custom module I change a value, but I have this when inside the page, but also I have a block in a sidebar, and this block have the same value that I have changed in a page, and this value is not updated. How can I change this sidebar render at the end??
Thx and sorry for my english.

Node post date in views exposed filter as a select list

I want to add a node post date exposed filter to the views in the following format.

The date exposed filter will be a select list with the following options:

Past Week
Past Month
Past Year

It it possible with views or I have to do some workaround?


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