How do I list the content nodes that a registered user has created on the user page?

Maybe I'm missing something: I've created tons of my own content while working on my site. But when I click on the users page (users/admin in my case), I can see a link to view blog entries and nothing else.

How do I make links to specific content (say reviews) or list the nodes on the page? Can I add anything but user info fields (like photos, email, FB links, etc. to that page?

Drupal 7 on Microsoft Windows Server 2012

Hey there!

Views template - printing exposed variable twice

I'm wanting to wrap my exposed filters with some markup only for smaller width displays, and display it normally for desktop users. My plan was to use css media queries to then show/hide based on width. This worked great, however this meant printing the $exposed variable (from view main template) twice. It seems that whenever I hit apply on the second rendered exposed filters it will redirect me back to the main page, but the first one works.

User Menu Visibility

I have added a link to the user menu. By default the user menu has "My Account" and "Log Out" links. These default user menu links are only visible once a user has logged in. However, the new link that I have added to the user menu is visible to anonymous users. I do not understand why. The content of this link is visible only to authenticated users, so that part of the View is working fine.

Upgraded my Drupal 7 site - now bootstrap wont work?

Hi, I litterally just upgraded all the modules and theme (Bootstrap) and now the site is loading really badly. Does anyone know a fix? Inside the themes folder I have 2 new folders oldversion-bootstrap and upgraded-bootstrap? It doesn't look like the css link is even on the pages?

Drupal 7 theming from scratch - problem with page.tpl.php


I'm trying to build my own theme from scratch to have only what I need for my sites.
I have less regions than the system's own, and I get an error :

Notice : Undefined index: sidebar_first dans include() (ligne 138 dans /.../modules/system/page.tpl.php).
The "sidebar_first" region isn't used in my theme, causing an error.

The regions I'm using are declared in the .info file and show up correctly in the blocks page, but aparently my page.tpl.php doesn't fully override the one from the system. Any idea what I should do ?

Thank you !


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