Better exposed filters sorting order not saving with row weight but ok with draggable

I have 2 problems:

A. When adding new items in grouped exposed filters, the values go from 1 to 10 but after 10, they don't keep going up to whatever I need, 100+, instead they revert to -10 ....

B. When reordering the rows by drop down, it doesn't save, only saves if I use draggable option.

I have looked at this thread, but it applies to draggable view module, I don't have that installed.

Draggable Table Not Saving Order in 7.x-2.0

But I'm not using draggable views, but same problem

customer search Drupal 7 website with credits and pay to view people's contact info?

I'm planning on creating a people search website using Drupal 7. What module do I need to make my website work like this?

The purpose of the website is to connect people who are looking for services with service providers.

Hi. I am not able to executive 2 callback function in multi step form.Can you please help me out.

Hi. I am not able to executive 2 callback function in multi step form.Can you please help me out.

In the below function only $first_callback function is getting executed and the $second_callback is not working.
Please reply Asap.

function my_callbacks_wrapper($form, &$form_state) {
$first_callback= ajax_form_multistep_form_css_callback($form, $form_state);
$second_callback = ajax_form_multistep_form_ajax_callback($first_callback, $form_state);

return $second_callback;

Exceptions when migrating to a local site from remote server

Hello, I have a bit of a strange problem.

I am moving a live production site down to my local machine. I made a copy of the database through phpmyadmin, then created and imported that database into one locally using phpmyadmin through MAMP. Then, I updated my settings.php file to match the new database settings. I have moved the entire drupal installation and all files locally under my htdocs folder in MAMP.

Centering images on a page using Premium Responsive theme

Hi, I'm new to Drupal and to website building. I'm using the premium responsive theme and have used the image block module to placed an image (button) inside each of the regions "bottom" 1-3. I would like to know how to center the images so the buttons as a whole appear centered on the page? I tired text-align, float properties and tired adjusting the padding and margins with no luck. I would really appreciate your help.



Entity reference vs taxonomy terms -- how to get desired behavior

Hello! I am new to Drupal, and am trying to convert some of our .net applications over. I am having problems when an entity does not exist.

I'm working on a call-center where taxpayers can call in about their property taxes. Drupal allows me to make a nice form, using an entity reference with autocomplete and entityreference_autofill to pull in data from the "property information" content using a property id. The user can keep up with the caller quite well. Sometimes the call is not in reference to a property, and leaving the property id off the form works great.


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