Panels: display a block when a view contains nodes

I need to determine the best strategy to do something...

Using Panels, I'd like to display a nodeblock, based on whether a certain view contains nodes or not.
The nodeblock contains some text and a link to the view, so if the view is empty, there's no need to show the nodeblock.

The visibility rules on the pane don't seem to let me do this (with perhaps the exception of PHP-code?).
Am I overlooking something?
Is there a beter way to do this?
And if PHP is the way to go: where can I find more information on this specific problem?

Who's online

I'm running 7.43. I was wondering how to show guests in the "Who's Online" block? Currently I can see users, but there's no number for guests. If this is moved someplace better than this forum, fine, but I could really use some kind of help. It would be great if it were an option, but there's nothing to configure.

OpenEDU Workflow


OpenEDU Workflow utilizes the State Machine and OG Role Override contrib module along with some custom configurations (OpenEDU Workflow module) to implement a 3-stage content governance process on each of the primary content types delivered with the installation profile.  These are as follows:

OpenEDU Themes


OpenEDU Themes is a set of contrib modules and configurations that allow a school to assign a distinct theme to a specific OpenEDU Schools context.  For example, a University may include 4 schools (engineering, biology, business and arts).  Each of these may have a unique theme assigned with which to present any and all content associated with the schools (e.g. news, blogs, departments and programs, staff profiles, etc.).

OpenEDU Social


OpenEDU Social is a group of contrib modules and configurations which provide the following 4 services:


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