Javascript library not loading CSS

Hi everyone. I'm new to Drupal and it's theme development. I am wanting to add in the Remodal jQuery library and have it active site wide, but I don't it to be a module. My questions are:

1) If I use drupal_add_library, do I need to create a module with the hook_library? I didnt' use this, just wondering.

2) Currently I have this in my template.php with the remodal library in my sites/all/libraries/remodal:

Help with a simple implementation of hook_node_access_records and hook_node_grants

Apologies for cross posting but got no takers elsewhere in the forum.

Using drupal 7 I have implemented hook_node_access but am having real troulbe figuring out how to go a step further and achieve the following using hook_node_access_records and hook_node_grants:

For a given content type ('submission') I want to limit users with a particular role ('curator') to see only node that have a specific value set ('location')

An abridged version of my hook_node_access function is outlined below.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Contextual Filters and Block Views (Drupal 7)

I have two content types - packages and events. Package examples are Hang Gliding, Star Gazing, Mountain Climbing. Events are occurrences of the packages on a specific date, e.g. Mountain Climbing Dec. 1, Mountain Climbing Dec. 10, Hang Gliding Nov. 23. The event content type has an entity reference field for the package.

Openlayers Map is not visible

Usin Openlayers 3 and openstreetview map I can see my map in admin/structure/openlayers. But when I create a view to display the map I get the following js error on the node page ? :

ol.js?ofluyq:343 Uncaught TypeError: h.hb is not a function
Rp.zd @ ol.js?ofluyq:343
dq.Me @ ol.js?ofluyq:365
l.Eo @ ol.js?ofluyq:443
ii.f @ ol.js?ofluyq:136

Installing Drupal 7 with SQL Server


I have to install the Drupal 7 with MSSQL DB server. I referred few comments regarding this but not find the clear idea about it. Anybody installed like this?. If anybody installed please let me the required components and steps how to proceed this.

Thanks in advance.


view and aggregat

I have a type of contents with 3 fields


I would like to see the number of employees group by site and department

What is the best solution ?

Views Aggregator Plus does not do that!!

Is there an other way to do it or do I need to develop it??




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