scheduler workflow state change

Hello to all.
I need this
I have a type of content (events) in which there is a field cck Dates (with dates start - end dates).
I would like to schedule a change of workflow state (of expired) for all the content-type events by end dates.

How can I do?
There would also be considered that the field cck dates also provides the only entry of start dates, so at this point (only if you give end is empty) the reasoning of the scheduler should be based on the start date and end.


Need a theme for game review & forum website

Hi Everyone,

I am new on Drupal and I have a project to create a platform that users will read & write reviews about games. There will be a master data for each game to display and also there will be forum for people to discuss games. And I need a theme like

I would appreciate if you can advise me some Drupal 7 themes that you think would fit to my requirements.

Thank you very much for your helps.

Kind regards,

panels editor in place

Dear Forum,

I have installed panels in place editor.
Now I changed the theme - but the panels in place editor doesn't appear anymore. Looking in modules all is still like before. In structure - panels - pages, the in place editor ist still activated - but doesn'appear on the single site page it should permit the changes.
Do you have some idea why this is happening?

Show data from a database table

I installed drupal and trying to figure out how to get and show data coming from my database tables.

=> Eg. I would need a members page (view) bases on a members table
=> Bit more advanced I would need a calendar page showing activities based on activities stores in a table.

I am new to drupal ... been ASP developer for ages and used to create websites in a text editor :) But wanna give Drupal a try. Just hard getting started ...

Modifying a theme

I am new to Drupal 7.

I have installed a theme (Porto Views).
The theme's demo has various page samples.
I want to understand how a page looks the way it look.
I know that there are blocks and views that make how it looks.
But I don't know how to tell which script (or template file) that contains the code.

Currently I do this by looking for script names that might responsible for a certain look.
Is there any method that is more systematic?

Thank you.

Need some css help please


I have two fieldsets in webform. First fieldset all are text fields and the 2nd fields sets have mixed field types.

I like to place all the labels to left and the fields to right.

Below code works just fine for first fieldset:


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