Chat with registered users based on Online/Offline status

I am running on B2B website and I want to integrate chat messenger for registered users chat with each other privately based on user's online status once he/she logged in.

I have tried some modules like Drupal Chat, Mylive Chat, etc and these are all for public chat. I found private message is nice but its not related to live chat.

Is there any other way to achieve this?

Been dropped in the deep end. Where do I start?

I started work at a company who has several large Drupal sites 6 months ago. I told them straight up I didn't have any experience in Drupal, but none-the-less I'm now creating modules and doing a lot of theming.

I've done a couple of courses online and have successfully set up Drupal sites at home and created themes and simple modules, but the complexity at work is way beyond any tutorials or courses I can find online. 6 months in and I'm still pretty stuck on every task I get (the stress factor is huge).

Moved and renamed a module, but drupal_retrieve_form() is still looking for the old one

I had a sub-module that needed to be moved out and made into it's own standalone module (and renamed it). I've done this, but when I try to configure the new stand-alone module I get a message:

Notice: Undefined index: old_module_name_edit_form in drupal_retrieve_form() (line 807 of /var/docroot/web/docroot/includes/

Obviously, I've tried cleaning the cache and registry.

Would anyone know what I can do to fix this?

Line 807 looks like:

$form_definition = $forms[$form_id];

The requested page "/" could not be found. I also cannot see the admin menu.

Hello, i need your help please.

From night to day i lost all the content of my website and the message is:

The requested page "/" could not be found.

I also cannot see the admin menu, just the home icon, but nothing works, neither cron, flush caches, etc.

I already tried .htaccess with a back up, also try with a backup data base and nothing works.

Any ideas what could happen and how to fix it. Thank you.

PHP errors after cloning website

I have inherited a Drupal7 website.
I have copied the website from the production server to a test server. The transfer seems correct (same number of files).
The production server is fine. On the test server I get an error
Fatal error: Call to undefined function libraries_detect() in /sites/all/modules/fancybox/fancybox.module on line 35
I have greped for "function liraries_detect(" and it is found:
/sites/all/modules/libraries/libraries.module:501:function libraries_detect($name = NULL) {

text_format in AJAX callback not working for node edit forms

I have a select dropdown which should use AJAX to render text_format widgets for some option in the select dropdown. Currently, the user needs to select an item in the dropdown, hit save, and edit again to see the new text_format widgets. I want to use AJAX to fix this. Strangely I am able to make this work if I use the widgets textarea, checkboxes or textfield, but once I use text_format, it doesn't render.


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