Better CCK Dropdowns = keyboard use, styling

A problem I'm having with Drupal 7 entry forms using CCK is twofold regarding dropdown menus.

1. If you have a long dropdown list / select box with many values such as 100 items in a taxonomy, most allow you to select the select box and hit the keyboard to jump to a letter, e.g. hit W to go all the way down the long select box to the first W entry in the select box. Is there a module that enables this type of behavior?

Users get no Text Format selection

As Admin, I get a Text Format selector when editing a Basic page. (The one that allows me to choose between Full HTML, Filtered HTML, etc.) Authorised users, however, get nothing.

The roles under /admin/config/content/formats show:

   Full HTML           administrator, editor
   Filtered HTML   administrator, editor
   Plain text           All roles may use this format

The profiles under /admin/config/content/wysiwyg are ordered:

Add a views of field to the user profile.

I describe my scenario:

the users in their profiles must display a view (views module) with a list of fields that the admin adds each time;

I assume that the admin must add this fields from a specific content type and display this fields with a views.

My question is: how I can associate the fields of this content type to an user and how I can display in the view only the fields of the nodes that the admin have associated to the user that are displaying the view?

Any help is appreciated. Also change my approach if need.

Thank you in advance.

Dissappearing Blocks...Help?

Hi there,

To start, I am not a web developer. I am the web designer and maintain all of the content and know an intermediate amount of coding to keep adding custom content etc.

Sheetnode Frequently Asked Questions


What format should text tables have to be properly imported by sheetnode_text?
Cells should be separated by at least two whitespaces to be recognized.

How can I refer to external data from my cells?

Installation of Sheetnode and Extra Modules

Install Sheetnode

  • Go to the sheetnode folder.
  • Delete the existing socialcalc folder if it exists.
  • Download the latest SocialCalc tarball from the GitHub repo:

  • Extract the downloaded tarball and rename the extracted folder to socialcalc:


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