Template suggestion shows in dev module, but is ignored

I am using Drupal 7.39 with Bootstrap as my theme. I have added custom hooks to my page.vars file in the Bootstrap theme. They are as follows:

Session cookie isn't generated(saved?) and users can't login


I have installed a dev version of my Drupal site into "/home/user/public_html/dev/drupal/" -> http://dev.drupal.tld

Live version of this site is installed into "/home/user/public_html/" -> http://drupal.tld

Live version is working fine but dev version (copy of live) isn't and problem is that I can't login to that site (drupal notice: access denied).
The problem seems to be in cookie that appears to be missing and I haven't figured out why and how.

Undefined index: attachments


I use the heartbeat module with rules, to display a message when a node is created. But when I create a node, I have this error message:

Notice : Undefined index: attachments dans views_handler_field_heartbeat_attachments->render() (line 22 in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/biot/sites/all/modules/heartbeat/views/views_handler_field_heartbeat_attachments.inc).

How can I solve this?

Here is the code of the file: (Line 22 is: return $this->render_attachments($view['attachments']);)

Freelance Drupal developer required for ongoing work

Hi there,

Due to increased workload I'm looking for someone who can assist with new and ongoing work on various projects. Will probably be around 30-50 hours a month initially but could grow to full-time.

Basic skills/knowledge required as follows:

Fallback from Flash to HTML

Hello, I'm running a website on Drupal 7.39. My main page content has a block with a Flash .swf animation intro.

However in some platforms like mobile devices, the Flash doesn't show so... How could I have it fallback to a different block, or maybe to a different body field, with a simple HTML body or a body with HTML5 Animation? If it's too complicated with HTML5, I may simply use a static HTML fallback but... How can I implement such fallback in those cases where my Flas won't output?

Translation issue

I have issue with translation in odd way.

I use entity translation and I got everything translated (nodes, blocks). However, I use Block Subtitle module to extend default Drupal block output. Now, I have problem with translating that "Subtitle" field. It allows me to translate Block title, but not that extra subtitle field for which I use mentioned module.

Anyone knows how to handle this issue?

I'm new to Drupal.

Thanks in advance.


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