Trouble understanding step in Theme installation...

I am having trouble understanding instructions on theme installation. The theme is Bootstrap Instant by Sergey Pavlenko.

I am just beginning to learn Drupal.

I have:
1 - installed it on my server
2 - installed basic Bootstrap theme
3 - installed Bootstrap Instant theme. Bootstrap Instant required Bootstrap basic theme to be installed first.

I have worked extensively in Joomla and Worldpress, in the past, and have a rudimentary understanding of what is going on but understand Drupal is much more involved than both of the others.

CSS code help for module CSS injector

First post in Forum, hope I'm at the right place to ask my question. If not, thank you for helping me out where to post m question.

I've been using Colorbox module for a slide show on my website... worked perfect. Only... the thumbnails display in 1 column when I need them to display in rows and columns. I can use CSS injector module to write the CSS code, only I don't know how to write CSS code. Could someone help me out with the code needed for displaying my thumbnails, say 4 in a row, with as many rows as needed?

comparison of native charting modules

Native charting modules are modules that support the creation of charts, but which do not depend on other modules to produce such charts. These modules may depend on other Drupal modules (e.g. the libraries module), but these other modules are not related to the charting features they offer. Typically these native charting modules use one or more charting related libraries (e.g. Highcharts, Google Charts, D3...)

$snippet - unwantanted text


I have looked everywhere and I am the type to not ask many questions but I know someone here will have an answer so here goes.

I am using Apachesolr, with the attachments module and rich snippets. I can conduct a search and get a file back containing the text with a snippet ~300 characters long. All is good functionally. The problem I am having is cosmetic. At the end of the snippet the is a mimetype icon + "application/pdf" + "attached to" + a link to the node.

force style on views field view

Been struggling with this for a few days trying to create a slideshow of page views each containing multiple colorbox images.

It does warn in views for drupal 7 that with style settings if there is a block of html inline elements won't work.

Hardcode a TERM reference into a CONTENT TYPE

I have a content type where I would like to hardcode certain categories into the input screen. For example.... say there is a station called stationX. it is paired with a field ARRIVAL TIME. stationX is a TERM that is always included in the field and does not change. ARRIVaL TiME does change.

I was thinking of making the TERM a default then just deny the operator to edit the TERM field.

but seems like there should be a module for this.


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