How to re-index on referenced entity change?

Sry for my English.

What I have:
- Product Display connected with Product;
- Commerce Stock, Commerce Stock Reserve modules enabled.

What was set up:
- Product Display search index (search_api) with facets;
- View for that index;

What the problem:

On frontpage I have my view with Product Display index.

When user adding product to cart via button on that view, the amount of 1 is reserving i.e. the stock field of product seems like decreased by 1.

Change the title of the page view.


Unfortunately, I can not update the page title, which is visible eg. On the web browser. Entering turn: Contents -> Views -> Edit (selected view) -> I click on the title -> altering it -> Apply -> Saves changes the view.

In this case, it is true title has changed but visible in the same place as the titles of articles, and the title of the page remains unchanged.

Please help, which in this case I can do to effectively change the title of the page?


The form of conditional rules.

I would like to add an application form on the page, which will show me a list box choice, if the previous field has been selected.

Name (textbox)
Name (textbox)
Phone (textbox)
I agree blah blah blah (checkbox)
1: YES 2: NO (selection options that are to appear only to choose, if you select to the above agreement)

Site Down for few minutes after clearing cache

My site is going down every time whenever I am clearing the cache. Site will works again in 5-10 minutes after refreshing web page 2-3 times. Also I am getting 500 internal server error after clearing the cache. After refreshing web page 2-3 times site is working fine as before. Additional information as follow.

  • Drupal 7
  • Boost
  • APC
  • Apache web server

Can any one put some light on above issue.

Basic Inquiry - PHP use in Drupal

PHP vs modules

Hide/Show Help Text Module

Hi there friends,

So I looked for and couldn't find any currently existing modules that add this functionality to fields in content-types. So I'm looking to make one but I need a little help.

What I want is to be able to automatically hide text and then add a button to the label of the field that toggles the help text.

I actually already got this working using the js_injector and css_injector module.

So I think all I need is to make a module with a simple content_type selection interface to add the javascript with something like drupal_add_js.


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