Quick tabs Getlocation Map issues

I need to hire someone to help with map not fully loading in a quicktab position. I believe the issue has been addressed here but I haven't been able to resolve on my own.
We had the maps working at one time but after some updates or Google api it doesn't load anymore.

Return destination not working to get back from Field Collection item edit

I have a Field Collection in an EntityForm. I display the contents in a View and provide a link for the user to add another line item to the field collection, which works great in a nice Ajax overlay using the following code in a text (markup) field.
<a href="field-collection/field-inv-account-details/add/entityform/[entityform_id]&destination=TEST-primary-data-entry-summary/[entityform_id]">ADD ITEM</a>

Looking for a good admin theme for webapp

Hi all,

I am going to create a big powerful website for customers to interact with service providers. A big on-demand system with lots of users and roles and lots of stuff going on. So obviously I want a nice flashy back-end theme with all the bells and whistles.

Event invitation

Hi all,
I am running Drupal 7 on my website. I have two main different user roles (running profile2 also) : interviewer and interviewed.
I would like to let the interviewers to create an event "interview" (I used a specific node type so far) and register to it (which I made it work with different modules as flag, signup, entity registration or node registration).

Display data in pop-up from non-Node View

I have a view based on data from an external database table. I can make a field a link and pass a modified field value ( suid )in the url - for example


This will open node/2 with the field value. I have Colorbox/Colorbox node installed and if the view was based on a content type then I would get the option to open the link in a Colorbox pop-up. However this option doesn't appear as the view data is does not come from a node.

Facebook Autopost login

I am trying to use the Facebook Autopost module but I can't log in, I probably have the wrong 'Valid OAuth redirect URIs' but I'm not sure what it's supposed to be and the documentation does not make this clear.


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