Cannot upload images and there is no error messages

Hi Guys,

I like to thank you all for your effort in making this awesome community that I'm fascinated by.

I'm working on an E-commorce photography website. I have made a page using views, which basically collect the images uploaded and sort them in a grid style.

separete forum attached to separate node

I'm wondering if there is a way to attach multiple forum or bulleting board to the site. For example, Forum A attached to node A and Forum B attached to node B, and if user go into Forum A, then forum B will become hidden until the correct entrance is selected.

taxonomy term template


I have my terms, some of which are referenced in my content type (events from now on).
I have added some regions to my theme, and some of them are placed and rendered in the events node - I followed this:
hence I assigned a block to each of those regions in the events node, so far so good.

Drupal 7: add a class to just the last node

I'm trying to apply a class, clearfix, specifically to the last node on a page, and not having much luck.

More attributes for products


My requirement is to extend the check out process and allowing my customers to pick up options. I found out how to add from a list like "Size" and "Color", I also need an attribute of image. the user will click on "Add to cart" then upload an image of his choice and the item will be added to the cart.
I tried Ubercart Field attributes but it didn't go as I expected.
Is there a module that can give me such functionality? I tried every module I found using Google for search.

I forgot to mention I'm using Ubercart with Drupal v7

Thanks in advance.

How to sort in views


I have views filter working fine. I added sort criteria year and price. It is not sorting.

I did not use any taxonomy terms for that views table format. Table view has column labels. How can I use the column headers/labels as sorting link. So, when I click the columns headers, it sorts ASC and DESC orders.


Thanks a lot,



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