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Eternal Header Wrappers, instead of Full Page Wrapper

page.html.twig is creating eternal header wrappers, instead of full Page Wrapper;

and I am unable to accomplish a Full Page Wrapper.....

I have checked my DIV's, but Drupal is Adding some extra DIV in most illogical place each time... I am refurbishing a Bartik duplicate's page.html.twig

It is also proved - because I can accomplish a Primary Menu - to Footer full menu wrap; but not to include Header, Secondary Menu...

OK, full code is something like:

How to safely Remove .dialog-off-canvas-main-canvas class Div?!

So, I am creating my first Druupal 8 Theme..... On Bartiks base, but changing all css & page.html.twig

I was editing page.html.twig of course....

and it seems, I can not make all Region Div's in vertical line, as soon I look into Firebug - some Mystical Div dialog-off-canvas-main-canvas shows up and cuts off all Header and Secondary Menu divs from the rest flow of the page.....

my page.html.twig looks like:

Drupal 8, was it designed to allow access to and manipulate all "data" on site and theme?

I'm new to Drupal, however I've designed other sites in the past using various applications. I've been poking around and learning what Drupal 8 has to offer and trying to use just Drupal 8 and a text editor. From what I have discovered there are several things that are not accessible to edit from the Drupal 8 "toolkit".

render query data in twig template

i have created a module.
in my module i have created a form. Form submits data successfully in database.
i am getting data from database in a controller file. till that point everything is working fine.
Now i want to display data in my twig file.
How it is possible to display data from database in a twig file.?

Base theme for sub-theme

What theme do you recommend for creating sub-theme (I prefer simple css or less)? Im not very experienced, I know css, less, html, basic js. I use grunt. I'm using bootstrap at the moment but don't use its functionalities so there is no point using BS and it has a lot of code that makes my work complicated. I want to make simple website, gallery, info, contact, news etc. If possible i'm looking for a responsive theme that won't be deprecated in future Drupal versions.

help adding a style.css to child theme

I'm not getting how to create a sub-theme. I am just hacking Bartik. But I was trying to do it in a child theme. All I want is to add one style.css file so I can make some overrides to the default Bartik theme. Here is my info and libraries file.  I have my style.css saved in the same theme folder as the info and libraries files. 

Thanks for any help. It seems right, but I can't get it to load.


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