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Mulitple image fild always return length of 2


I am new to twig and Drupal.

I have an Image Field that can take multiple items.

The following code in twig laways retuns 2 even if there is not image submitted. 

{% for i in 0..node.field_periodic_image_gallery|length-1 %}

Souldn  't this return 0 when I have no image submitted?

How to create a CSS framework theme (non-bootstrap)


may be you would have some suggestions examples - how to implement CSS Framework for a Drupal 8 theme...

I have never yet created a new Drupal themes, just been customizing some from Drupal ready submitted themes....

displaying the title of the subpage

I would like to add to the skin so that the name of the subpage is displayed in a given place, but I do not work?

<div id="name">
	<div class="layout-container">
		<h2>{{ title }}</h2>

Sub-theme CSS loading first when there is a sub-sub-theme

I have a base theme. I have a sub-theme. I have a sub-sub-theme.

On sites that have the base theme and sub-theme, the css loads in the correct order: base theme > sub-theme.

On sites that have the base theme, sub-theme, and a sub-sub-theme the css loads in the wrong order: sub-theme > base theme > sub-sub-theme.

I need the order to be: base theme > sub-theme > sub-sub-theme.

All three .libraries.yml files look like this:

One content type multiple nodes

Hello everybody.

I have one content type and 3 nodes that use it. I want all of them three  to have the same tweet template. How can I achieve that?

Theming software

I know this might be a silly question but is there some theming software for Drupal 8?

I know Artisteer 4.x but it does not support Drupal 8 very well and TemplateToaster is completely unsatisfying.


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