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Edit view field with preprocess hook

I have the following drupal hook.

$variables['output'] before hook: 1111111

$variables['output'] after hook: (304)111-1111

$variables['output'] when view is rendered: 1111111

How to add page templates for content types in Drupal 8?

I'm using the "basic" skin

my type of content is called "apartments"

when a file is added page--apartamenty.html.twig it does not work this way.

I have drupal 8.7.3

I use this method and it does not work what I'm doing wrong?

overide sub theme on specific page only

I understand that you can use template names to suggest different templates to use for different things such as
page, block, node ect

from a drupal theme (not from a module which defines a block ) is it possible to make a twig different template file render a specific block on a specific page only.

Lost most twig template/field suggestions

Not sure if this is a new issue, but I couldn't find anything with a search that matched.

I have twig debug set to true, and devel is running.

If I look at the source, there is only suggestions on blocks, not on content, or even the main html block. I don't have any sites running prior to 8.7 but I checked on 2 sites I own. One is plain bartik the other is bootstrap 3.

I can't see where to upload any screenshots. And I'm sure this doesn't make sense, but here is what it renders.

Adding CSS and JS to my theme


I created a template in which I am using a UI kit from Creative Tim. Now I am trying to turn this template into a Drupal theme, but I am having trouble with getting all the JS to work. I am getting the following errors in my console:

Below is a structure of the CSS and JS files from my template, and then how I am including them in my theme.

In my head (CSS files):

Render TWIG when adding a custom block to panels


I created a simple custom block out of "Basic block" and called it "testblock1".

I created a TWIG file called "block--testblock1.html.twig" with a div and background-color:yellow;

When I add the custom block "testblock1" using the block layout, I see the content of "testblock1" with a yellow background (which is great!).

But, when I add "testblock1" from panels->content->add new block, I see the content of "testblock1" but NOT the HTML of the TWIG file with the yellow background.


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