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Drupal8 W3CSS Theme sticky footer

How can I adapt this theme to use a sticky footer? Apart from that, if I don't use a footer, how can one make this theme have pages take up 100% of the browser page height when the content is smaller? I have some css overrides, but I am so far unable to work out what to set. Have tried height = 100% on body and #main-container and other things I think are wrappers, to no avail.

Best list extension for Drupal

I have a question, I would like to have a list functionality on my website like the one in this page p2p lending sites Does anyone know an extension to do it?

Display sitename and node title on top of node body


I'm developping my first custom theme and I need some help.

I need to render nodes body field as following:

h2 : My Site Name,
h3 : My Node Title
div : My Node Body HTML text

Can you help me to do that ?

I didn't found any help in field--text-with-summary.html.twig


External links disabled

I installed the newest version of drupal because I saw the layout builder and that intrigued me. So I get it installed on my local host and it seems to be working only when I tried to install the layout builder extension it told me

Redirects to external URLs are not allowed by default, use \Drupal\Core\Routing\TrustedRedirectResponse for it. I can see the need for security, but how do you get this working?

Yes Noob here...


Drupal 7 vs Drupal 8

I'm developing a new theme for a cloud service company. Should I go with Drupal 7 or Drupal 8?



Eternal Header Wrappers, instead of Full Page Wrapper

page.html.twig is creating eternal header wrappers, instead of full Page Wrapper;

and I am unable to accomplish a Full Page Wrapper.....

I have checked my DIV's, but Drupal is Adding some extra DIV in most illogical place each time... I am refurbishing a Bartik duplicate's page.html.twig

It is also proved - because I can accomplish a Primary Menu - to Footer full menu wrap; but not to include Header, Secondary Menu...

OK, full code is something like:


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